Why Use PDF Files to Fax Online

advantages of pdf to fax

When you receive faxes on Gmail, they arrive as digital documents that you can open in your computer, and the preferred format for this purpose is the Portable Document Format, known all around the World as simply the PDF.

Developed by Adobe, this file format has been adopted by millions of offices on the World and fax services prefer it over other file types given its versatility and the amount of benefits it offers for all types of users.

In this article you’ll learn what makes the PDF so special. Please, read on!

Readable on Any Device

PDFs are readable practically everywhere. It doesn’t matter what device, computer, operating system or web browser you are using. There’s always a way to read a PDF.

Besides the Adobe Acrobat, the official free PDF reader, there are plenty of alternatives both free and paid to read these types of files. Every web browser also come with Acrobat plugins that let you read PDFs right on your browser screen without having to download any file.

The Acrobat Reader is also available for mobile phones. Though, if you are using an iOS device you can simply import PDFs to Books.

Added Security

The transmission of fax to PDF is already an encrypted and secure process, but you can add more security measures on your PDFs.

You can set a password to open the document or add a watermark to prevent other people copying the content.

If your a PDF needs to be signed, you can easily add a digital version of your signature using one of the may online web tools for the job. A digital signature can be easily added to any document without having to download additional software.

You Can Find It Everywhere

Everybody uses PDFs these days, to the point that businesses have adopted it a standard way of sharing documents digitally. If you have a PDF you can easily share it and rest assured the other person has a way of accessing it.

Doesn’t need ​to be Updated

If you saved a PDF file in your computer some years ago, I’m sure you’ll be able to read it on any PDF reader. Why? Because this is a file format that remain consistent despite the passing of time. Other types of files vary according to the software version you use it to create it/read it. Other programs even change the filename. If you have saved these documents you may have to update it to the newest versions, and chances are it won’t look the same.

If you want to avoid spending several hours just updating all your files, using PDFs is the way to go.

Helps the Environment

The goal of PDFs was to make offices paperless. Although there’s still more to be done, no one can deny these files have played an important role in reducing the amount of paper consumption in workplaces. We are living in critical times for the Earth as CO2 production keeps increasing all over the World. Do you know how much wood you need to produce a single box of paper? HINT: It’s a lot!

Receiving faxes as PDF will let you choose to print only what is needed. As an extra benefit it will help you save money too. Money that won’t be spent on a dedicated fax line, a fax machine and office supplies.

Cons of Using PDF

This file, useful as it is, may be complicated to create manually. Even some automated ways of converting files to PDF bring dubious results. However, this is not something you should concern about if you are receiving them as faxes.

Why? Because the whole conversion process is taken care of by the online fax service of your choice. PDFs are easily converted to fax when you want to reach a fax machine, and faxes are converted into PDF using state-of-the-art technology that doesn’t need any intervention from your part.

The end result is a fax that you can read on your computer or mobile device screen, with high quality text and images and a compressed file size. PDFs are easy to manage and store, be it on your hard drive or any virtual hard drive out there in the market.