Why You Should Use a Gmail Address for Faxing via Internet

Gmail online fax

When faxing through an email fax service, you can use any type of email you have, from free ones such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, to proprietary ones such as those you can create using your own domain via a hosting provider.

This type of flexibility is excellent, but after trying out different options we have concluded that Gmail is the perfect partner for online fax services. Google’s email service is not only free, it is also incredibly fast and has some features that make email faxing easier.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using Gmail for faxing:

1. Creating a New Gmail Account is Free

Gmail makes it a breeze to open a new account, in some cases it may ask you your phone number but this is only for verification purposes.

The reason why creating a new account is important is because it is better to avoid mixing your common emails with faxes right from the start.

At first this might seems like a good idea to have all your messages in one account, but as faxes start accumulating in your inbox you’ll realize how quickly it can become a nightmare. Once you have a new email address, you can link it to your current one for easy account-switching on your computer or cell phone.

2. It Makes it Easy to Organize Faxes

One of the things we love the most about Gmail is how easy is to keep your faxes organized and sorted out. The email system uses labels for this purpose. Labels are like folders in other email systems, but a message can have more than one label at a time. Even the Spam and Draft sections are labels and not folders, unlike what most people think.

Labels are shown next to your messages in your inbox, and are color coded, so they can be quickly located when browsing through multiple messages.

If you want to learn how to optimize your Gmail fax experience with labels, I recommend you visit this tutorial at https://business.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-organize-your-gmail-inbox–cms-27729

There are many small ways you can do it, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

3. Super-Fast Interface

Has there ever been a time when Gmail ran slow? If so, I really can’t remember. One of the main features of this email service is it’s speed. Google has made an amazing job at keeping things fast and simple while retaining its effectiveness.

Login and browsing is pretty fast across all devices, and adding labels and tabs is a breeze. I have used other free email providers such as Yahoo! and Microsoft, and although they are great, they feel slower, more sluggish than Google’s creation.

When faxing, this speed really shows up. Since you receive faxes as PDFs, they are instantly readable from within the interface, and fax attachments can be instantly stored on Google Drive, their free cloud-based storage service. And now that we are on the subject…

3. Integrates With Google Drive (Previously Called Docs)

In recent times, online fax services have entered the new world of cloud faxing. Big companies such as RingCentral Fax or eFax have added integration with cloud-storage services such as Drop, Dropbox and of course, Google Drive.

Now you can not only receive and store faxes in Drive, you can also pull documents from your account to send them as fax.

One way to accomplish this is by doing it directly from Gmail. As you may have read in our guide to send fax from Gmail, you compose and send faxes in the same way you do emails. Well, if you want to grab document from Drive, you click on the drive icon located right of the paperclip on the compose Window.

Just pick the document from the account, click on Attach and it will be sent for faxing.

You can also do this via your online fax dashboard, provided by the service of your choice. There you’ll have the option to use other cloud storage services.

4. Easy to Search for Faxes

Besides using labels to categorize your faxes, you can also search for them quickly using the Search tool. Since Google is the biggest search engine, it make sense their evolution has also translated to Gmail.

The search bar is easy to use, it has an autocomplete feature that can help you find a fax those times when you don’t remember exactly how your recipient’s last name is spelled out, or when you remember just the month you received the fax but other details are fuzzy.

If you are searching for other parameters, you can use the advanced search options to locate your faxes, where you can search by date, subject or words included in the message.

5. It’s Always Available

Being one of the biggest Internet companies has its advantages, and among other things this means they are always available online. Problems with down service are nonexistent, and servers remain always available whether you use a computer, phone or tablet.

Reliability is essential if you want to add more automation to faxing. Faxes will arrive automatically to your inbox, so you want to make sure you don’t miss any due to an unexpected problem with the connection.

Do You Also Love Gmail?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should start Gmail to fax on the Internet. Many businesses use this email for communicating with customers, providers or patients and even if you want to use a branded address, you can always forward faxes to Gmail and take advantage of its speed and ease of use. For more information read our article on Gmail faxing!

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