Why Is Fax Still Used?

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​Who uses fax machines anymore? Despite all the advances in digital technology and instant messaging, faxes are still being used by countless organizations all across the Globe. Some do it through an online platform, while others keep using a fax machine for the job!

Why is fax still alive and kicking? Well, it all comes down to four reasons:

​many industries that still use​ Fax

Simply put, fax is still being used because other people are using too! This happens in big industries where there is a lot of document sharing, like healthcare, law and finance. Doctors, for example only share patient information through faxes, and they have to follow strict rules to avoid legal problems.

But there are other industries that also rely on faxing for cost reports, invoices, and contracts. Any serious business must have at least a fax alternative for secure reception of documents.

​It Can Be More Practical

For some people, faxing is a simpler way of communicating. Just think about a fax machine: to use it you just feed the document, dial the phone, and press Send. It’s very easy to learn how to do it! Of course, we can now cut the time it takes to fax a document with a machine by using an online fax method​.

It’s easy to sign documents

Faxes are used widely for invoices and other types of documents that need to be signed. A good fax alternative helps you do this pretty quickly. Even with a fax machine, you just need a pen at hand to sign and send back the document.

With an online fax service, you can use a digital fax signature. Simply upload a digitized version of your signature, and then you can sign and send back incoming faxes with the push of a button.

​Fax Transmission Can Be Confirmed

Many offices prefer to use faxing because you get an immediate confirmation once your fax has been received and printed by another fax machine. A fax machine does this by printing a confirmation page, while an online fax service sends you a confirmation email with all the details of the facsimile transmission.

For organizations, this means no more guessing if the document has arrived its destination.

There are other ways to communicate that lets you know when your message has been received, but they can either be manipulated, or they don’t serve to let you know if a document has actually been opened. With faxing there’s no chance of that happening because the document is being printed directly.

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