What To Look For When Picking a Google Fax Service

picking a Google fax service

​An email fax service is a powerful tool for businesses that need to fax regularly.  It helps you speed up the exchange of documents and save the money that would be otherwise spent on equipment and paper supplies.

But to make the most out of it, you have to pick the right one!

We have our recommended Google fax services here, you may have seen them in our articles.  But we also want you to learn how to judge a service by yourself and determine if it is going to be a good move creating an account with them.

Here you’ll learn what are the factors that you ​we at Faxzee consider when buying a fax service subscription.

Let’s begin!


If you go and search the Web for a fax service, you’ll notice that all of them offer accounts for faxing in the USA.  But if you are in another country, you need a company that is able to provide local fax numbers.

You can either use a smaller but local fax company in your country, or use a service with international presence.  Some services have limited international coverage, but others are able to give you numbers in dozens of countries around the World.

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Types of Fax Numbers

Any reputable provider must at least give you the option of choosing between local and toll-free fax numbers.  This gives you a lot flexibility for your business, letting you select a number that better accommodates your style.

In addition, you should also have the options of using a vanity fax number and porting your current fax number to their digital platform. Provisioning relationships with phone companies are essential for this, so make sure they have them by reading the FAQ section on your service’s website.

Price & Plans

We can’t talk about price alone when judging an email fax service.  That’s because prices are linked to a specific plan.

A service may charge you $10 to send 100 pages and receive another 100 more, but another may charge the same to send 200 pages and receive 100.  

​Mobile integration

What used to be an advanced feature, is now must-have in email fax services: the possibility to fax from your phone using a smartphone fax app.

The World is constantly changing, and right now many of us access the Internet primarily from a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet.  Many times we’ll use it to send and receive faxes on the go, so it’ important to have options.

Basic services will at least let you receive mobile notifications of incoming faxes, so you can read them on your email. The best ones will have their own app to send, receive and even sign faxes on the go.  Thee apps are usually free to download but to use them you have to use your login credentials.

Additional Features

If you fax regularly, a powerful set of advanced features will make a huge difference.

Nowadays the best services let you schedule faxes to later delivery, integrate your account with cloud storage services, send a fax to multiple people at the same time, link a number to different email addresses, among other features.

This lets you increase your productivity and focus on other important ares of your business.

Another good feature you should look for is the ability to sign faxes electronically.  When you receive a fax that you need to sign, instead of having to download it and sign it on an application - or worse, having to print, sign the fax manually and scan it - you can simply press a button and you will add a digitized version of your signature.


Having customer support available at all times is very important, specially when you are just learning how to fax with your email or fax application.  A good provider will have continuous support through a variety of channels: email, live chat or phone number.

This factor is equally important when you are porting your number to an online fax provider. This allows you to check the status of your number while it’s being transferred, and you can quickly find help if you encounter a problem during the porting process.

File Compatibility

If you work with common file types such as TXT, PDF, DOC, JPG, BMP, TIFF, etc.  You won’t have trouble finding a compatible provider.  

Things may get a bit tricky if you work with obscure formats that are used only by certain industries.   If that’s your case, you need to check for the file compatibility chart of your preferred online fax service. This information is usually found on the FAQ section of their website.

Using a service that doesn’t offer compatibility with the file format you commonly use will require you to convert that file, something that oftentimes bring dubious results.  On top of that, you’ll be wasting time just converting the file.