Receive Fax to Gmail Free with an Online Service

How to Receive Fax on Gmail

​These days we can ​communicate in ​many ways. Messages and documents of all types can travel miles in the blink of an eye thanks to online technology. But what about faxes? Despite often being ​referred to as “outdated tech”, faxing is still an important part of millions of businesses around the World. Even if you don’t fax regularly, you may need to ​receive a fax once in a while.

Luckily, there’s no need to ​keep using a fax machine anymore. ​Instead, you can ​​receive fax on Gmail and forget about having to​ pay for additional phone lines​! This article explains how you can do it, walking you through the necessary steps to help you ​receiving faxes via email just minutes from now.

Thanks to the information we share here, you’ll be cutting the time it takes to receive faxes by basically automating the whole process.​

​How to Receive Fax to Gmail

  • 1
    Open a Gmail account. Even if you already have a Gmail account we suggest creating a ​new one ​to receive faxes. Creating a new account is free and it only takes a few minutes, you can do it on Gmail's website.
  • 2
    Sign up for an online fax service. ​A service will provide you​ an online fax number​​ that will be instantly ready to ​receive faxes. ​Incoming transmissions ​are into PDF documents and then sent to your Gmail inbox. ​

​At the moment of creating your account, simply choose the ​type of online fax number you want and then enter the email address you want it associated with. Below is a screenshot of the number selection screen.

Providers like RingCentral or eFax ​let you ​receive fax free ​via Gmail for 30 days if you want to test things out at first.

Fax number selection

​Once your virtual fax number is ​active, ​incoming faxes will arrive to Gmail automatically as PDF attachments.  You just need to check for new emails​ either manually (not recommended, it’s time consuming), ​using a Gmail Notifier for your browser, or ​by activating mobile notifications ​on your fax service ​settings.

​That’s all you need to do to receive fax on Gmail.  As you can see, it’s very easy​.  And by the way you are not limited to receiving fax on just one email address, most services let you link up to 5 different email address to a single ​Gmail fax number.  This is a perfect alternative for team-based projects and offices.

Configuring Your ​Email Fax Settings

If you want to add your Gmail address later, or if you want to change it at some point, you’ll have to head to the dashboard or members area of your Internet fax service.   ​​Below is an example of how this looks ​when using RingCentral Fax.  

In their Settings area, under the Notifications tab, you’ll find the Email field.  ​Make sure have the “Include attachment with email” option activated, which means the fax contents will be forwarded to email.

Now, where it says “Send notifications to:” > “Email”, simply enter your ​Gmail address.  Double check that it has been typed correctly before continuing​.

Email fax settings

​What's So Great About This Technology?

  • Fax Anytime. Anywhere. ​You only need an Internet connection to receive fax by email​, which means you will be able to check your faxes from any device ​where you can access Gmail.
  • No More Running Out Of Paper. You might as well forget about this notification, as you will be able to use cloud printing or any other printer to get your faxes.
  • Waiting In Line? No more waiting in line for the fax machine at your office. Everything happens whenever and wherever you want it to.
  • Easy Organizing. Your incoming faxes can be all moved into a separate label in your inbox, making it easy for you to organize them and access them at any time.
  • Re-sending Faxes. When receiving faxes in your inbox, you will be able to forward them (as an email) to any of your colleagues in a matter of seconds.

​There are literally no downsides to substituting your fax machine with your Gmail client. You will save time, money and energy once you get used to this more modern approach to ​faxing.

Final Words

In order to stay ahead of your competition, you need to adapt to new technologies and what better way to do ​it than to combine the best of both worlds – emails and faxes. ​Learning how to ​receive incoming fax to Gmail will surely save you precious time and resources and make your workplace a far more organized environment. Within a few minutes your time you can set up this feature and enjoy the paperless fax life!