How to Receive Fax on Gmail

Receive Fax to Gmail in Just a Few Steps

​These days we can ​communicate in ​many ways. Messages and documents of all types can travel miles in the blink of an eye thanks to online technology. But what about faxes? Despite often being ​referred…

how to fax a pdf

How To Fax A PDF Using Just Your Email

If you have been working in an office for more than one month, then you’ll know how important PDFs are. This file format has cemented its place in modern offices thanks to its ease of…

how to fax from a cell phone

How to Fax from Your Cell Phone

Have you ever wondered if you could send a fax without having to find your nearest fax machine (such as your local library since no one owns a fax machine anymore)? Then you need to…

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How to Fax from Mac OS

Mac computers are everywhere these days. In the past decades we have witnessed how Apple computers have become popular all over the World, not only with their desktop models but also with their Macbook models….