RingCentral Fax Review

ringcentral fax review

RingCentral is one of the companies that both businesses and professionals prefer. Over the past few years, they have consolidated as a reliable service to get you started with email faxing, helping you speed up your communications and save money at the same time.

But how much does RingCentral Fax cost?  What features does it include and how can it help you improve your communications? That’s why you’ll find out in this article. I invite you to read on and learn more about this ​top-rated email to fax service!

​Monthly cost

​$9.99/$7.99 with annual plan

​Fax pages per month


​Free Trial

​30 Days


​US, Canada and UK

​Setup fee


​Overage cost per page


​​What Features Does It Offer?

  • Toll-free and local numbers.  RingCentral currently offers these types of numbers in the USA, Canada and more recently in the UK. At the moment of signing up, you can pick the prefix you want for your toll-free fax numbers.
  • Cloud faxing.  This is one of the newest features introduced by RingCentral in 2013. Instead of faxing local documents from your hard drive, you can simply grab documents from the cloud, using services such as Google Drive and Box.  This features works very well and is certainly a time-saver if you are accustomed to working with cloud-based documents.
  • Security.  This company has never let me down when it comes to security. Faxes are sent and received using an encryption system that makes your document unreadable until it reaches your computer.  There is also the option to enable password security in each fax arriving your account for an extra degree of protection.
  • Mobile integration.  RingCentral Fax is a pioneer in the field of mobile faxing. They started by offering instant notification messages of incoming faxes via cell phone and now they have developed a unique mobile app that works with iPhones, Android phones and Blackberries.  This app is capable of receiving faxes and send new ones, using your phone’s camera feature. You can download it for free via the App Store, but you can only use it if you have an active account with the company.
  • Electronic signing. This useful feature works wonders, and you can even sign faxes electronically using RingCentral’s mobile fax app.
  • Fax from Outlook and Office.  If you use Outlook for e-mails, you can also set it up in just a few steps to receive faxes.  RingCentral makes it very easy the Outlook Integration. You will also be able to fax directly from Microsoft applications including Excel and Word.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.  A good fax service could not be complete with good customer support.  The basic plan, Fax 500, only gives you access to web support, and they are rather fast solving any problems along the way. Bigger plans also add the phone support alternative. The people communicating with you are very patient and help you in every step of the way.

​As you can see, RingCentral offers a robust set of features that can be enjoyed by businesses of all sizes and individual professionals looking to fax over Internet. At the moment of creating your account, you enter your Gmail address or addresses.  You can redirect incoming faxes to up to 5 different addresses. On the other hand, you will also be able to send a single fax to multiple recipients at the same time!

The features work very well and are very easy to use.  RingCentral Fax’s interface is just a delight to use, which makes it very friendly for people just starting out with digital faxing.  But now, let’s talk about price.

​How Much Does RingCentral Fax Cost?

RingCentral Fax offers three different plans that vary in the amount of pages you want to fax per month.  It is a good idea to choose a good plan right from the start instead of paying for overage fees, which can end up being costlier.  As you will see though, the bigger your plan, the less you will be paying for additional pages.

RingCentral’s starter plan is called the Fax 500, as it allows you to send and receive 500 pages of fax per month.  It costs you $9.99 per month, but if you choose to pay for the same plan annually, you end up paying just $7.99.  In or opinion this is an excellent price, given the availability of numbers and the strong set of features this company provides.  Additional pages will cost you 5.9 cents. You may want to use this package if you don’t fax too much each month, such in the case of small businesses and individuals.

The next package is the Fax 1000 and is a good plan for small to medium businesses.  This is RingCentral’s most popular plan and the one that has a bigger discount through annual payment.  The monthly fee is $17.99 but paid annually each month costs you just $12.99. Overage fees are 4.9 cent per page.

The biggest plan is the Fax 2500, which costs $59.99 monthly and $49.99 per month if you choose to pay annually.  This plan is recommended for businesses that rely heavily upon faxing, with the inclusion of 2500 pages to send and receive per month. The overage fee here is 3.9 cents per page.

​Corporate PLans for Big Companies

Finally, RingCentral also offers a corporate fax solution, which gives a dedicated fax number for each employee. This solution is called “Fax Unlimited”, and is very interesting because it gives you Administrator controls on the account and unlimited faxing per month! This plan costs $49.99 monthly or $39.99/month if paid annually. It includes two fax numbers but you can add more at $4.99 a month each.

The many plans offered by RingCentral Fax give you a high degree of flexibility, and the best of all is that the service’s quality is equal in any of them.