RingCentral Adds Glip, Team Collaboration Tool

ringcentral glip

Months after announcing Glip’s acquisition, RingCentral is ready to present us their integration with the popular team collaboration tool.

Team collaboration tools are quite popular these days, and it’s because thousands of offices now are switching to digital or virtual workspaces. This technology allows workers in different locations to communicate and work on projects in a streamlined fashion.

RingCentral’s acquisition of Glip was announced back in 2015, and now existing users of RingCentral Office can use it for free. The company has stated that Glip will continue to be sold as a stand-alone product though, so if you don’t need all the tools for a virtual office you can still get it, it’s on the same website but rebranded as RingCentral’s Glip.

“Today’s mobile and distributed workforce requires a new generation of enterprise communication solutions,” said RingCentral’s CEO, Vlad Shmunis, “We’re excited to welcome the Glip team to RingCentral. Glip extends our platform by adding powerful team messaging and collaboration services. Together we’ll deliver the industry’s first integrated cloud business communications and team collaboration solution, which will empower teams to work across all locations, devices, and modes of communication.”

Here are some of the things you can do with this tool:

  • ​Work anywhere using your smartphone.
  • ​Different ways to chat: text, audio and video.
  • ​Easy file sharing according to specific projects.
  • check
    ​Manage tracks by assigning time, deadlines and teams.
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    ​Share your screen with teams and even with customers.

​These features can increase the productivity, specially in companies that rely on knowledge workers in different locations.

RingCentral is not the only company adding team-collaboration features. We have recently seen similar products like Microsoft’s Teams, and others by 8×8 and Avaya. Is your company using these type of tools?