Rapidfax Review

rapidfax review

I have to admit that I was pretty hesitant at first to try out Rapidfax’s email faxing service. But, Rapidfax was recommended to me and, after researching the service, I decided to try it out.

This is a service that is not as big or well known as other alternatives in the market, yet it has been active for several years, which give them plenty of experience when handling faxes online.

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Rapidfax also has some options that aren’t available with every email fax service, including a 30-day free trial period and an inexpensive plan for low-volume users. I send and receive 300 pages per month for only $9.95 and the additional domestic faxes don’t really cost me that much more at $0.08 per page. The international rates vary based on where I’m sending a fax, but they have always been really affordable. In addition, Rapidfax didn’t have set up fees or a complicated contract, and the company even gave me my own toll free number at no extra cost.


Even though you may not have heard about it before, Rapidfax has been around almost a decade in the field of email faxing! This is a service that can be used for personal and business faxing, which helps me a lot because I used to use my fax machine for everything.

Compared to other services, Rapidfax doesn’t have many advanced features. Besides the ability to fax from Gmail, you also have Microsoft® Office integration. The service adds a menu item in the software, which you can use to send faxes directly over Word or Excel. It´s a great time-saving feature, but unfortunately is the only real advanced feature of the service. It lacks new and interesting features such as mobile apps, and instant notifications which are a must if you are always on the go.

Rapidfax also gives you storage during 30 days. As you will see in the “Cons” section below, you will have to pay an extra fee to add more storage time.


Okay. So, Rapidfax isn’t perfect and when I did my research I found out that there were a couple of complaints. The issues mentioned in the complaints don’t really apply to my situation, but I can see how they might bother others depending on what they need.

First, although Rapidfax’s customer service representatives are very helpful, they’re not available 24/7 — they only keep hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST. If you have a major emergency, such as a fax not going through before a deadline, you need to have a backup plan. I personally find out if I can email it as an attachment or, if necessary, print it off and fax it from my local office supply store.

Secondly, Rapidfax stores all documents for only 30 days and longer storage involves a $0.05 fee per page each month. If you have a lot of documents that you want to store through Rapidfax, it could be extremely costly.

Personally, I don’t like storing my electronic documents online and keep my own digital backups stored on an external hard drive. I actually wish Rapidfax would delete my documents at the end of each day, but I’ve grown to accept the 30-day online storage and I’ve never had any problems with Rapidfax keeping all of my documents secure.

So, even with the cons, I recommend to everyone I know that at least they try Rapidfax. The 300 pages per month make Rapidfax ideal for anyone who has low-volume monthly needs. Unless you want an email faxing service that stores all of your faxes at a lower price, taking advantage of the 30-day free trial is also a no-brainer. You will either like the service or you won’t and you at least get to send and receive 300 pages for free during the trial.

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