Paperless Fax

paperless fax

Did you know that switching to email fax can have a significant positive impact on the environment? According to, traditional faxing generates over 210 billion sheets in paper waste every year – and this is just in the US! We can only imagine the amount generated all over the World.

It’s no secret that we need a big change in how we take care of our planet. Scientists warn us always of the dangers of neglecting the environment, and the evidence is there to see: devastated forests, contaminated rivers, natural disasters, pollution and the subsequent destruction of habitats and species.

The power to make that change is in all of us, and it starts with the things that are closer to us. One of the best ways to help the environment is by embracing digital technology. We live in a World where a whole book collection can go into a small USB or MicroSD unit, and we can read thousands of documents on the same device, whether it is an iPad, a computer or a smartphone.

And we also live in a World where we can choose to print only what is necessary, avoiding unnecessary paper consumption.

A perfect example of that is online fax technology. Traditional fax machines use rolls of papers to print different types of documents, so the constant use of paper generates a significant amount of waste, but by switching to online fax, we can send and receive faxes without having to waste a single paper. Just imagine if all businesses that rely on faxing made that change!

Solution – ​Turn Your Computer Into a Paperless Fax Machine

If you have arrived at this website is because you fax regularly, and you may have done so for many years by using a fax machine. Fax machines were the only way to fax during the 70s and 80s, decades when this technology reached its peak usage. But the biggest problem with using machines is that they require paper regularly, and generate carbon dioxide emissions. You may think this is insignificant, but over the years this generates a tremendous impact.

Luckily, today we have more options.

Back in the 90s, new technologies helped us fax using our modems thanks to specialized software (one of them the famous Windows Fax and Scan, included with Windows OS). And from there, things have kept evolving to the point that now faxing can be as easy as sending an email with the help of email fax services.

These new methods deliver our faxes as digital documents without having to resort to paper. In fact, you only need to upload a digital document if you want to send a fax, and receiving faxes is as easy as reading a PDF document on your screen.

As time passes, more businesses are making the jump to digital faxing not only making faxing faster and more effective but also helping reducing damage to our planet.

How ​Di​gital Faxing Helps ​Our Planet

There are two important ways Internet fax is making a positive impact on the environment. Let’s take a look at them.

It reduces paper usage. Papers are made out of trees, so the more paper you use, the more trees are brought down to cover the demand. Here’s the thing: we need trees to survive, and unfortunately we are witnessing the devastation of forests, especially in the Amazon, to gather wood for paper. It’s true that wood serves other purposes, but we all can do our part to use only what is necessary.

It reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Fax machines get the job done, but to take full advantage of them, they must remain turned on all day during office hours, and sometimes the whole 24 hours! That’s because businesses know that missing a fax mean losing critical information for the company, and nobody wants to lose sales right?. In the end, this makes the fax machine the most used office appliance in workspaces across the World. So we have a machine that is emitting carbon dioxide several hours a day.

How is this affecting the planet? Well, the elevated amounts of carbon dioxide contribute to the greenhouse effect. This effect traps the heat in the atmosphere, resulting in higher planet temperatures, a phenomenon commonly known as global warming.

global warming chart

​Source: Met Office

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

As you can see, switching to online fax not only will save you money and increase productivity in your company it will also contribute to reducing paper waste and will help in maintaining this planet, our Earth. It’s these little steps what matter and you are just minutes away from trying out this new type of technology. You can use well-known companies such as Vonage, RingCentral Fax or eFax.

Don’t forget to also include other activities in your office that help the environment, thank you for thinking in all of us!

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