6 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Fax Number

virtual fax number

A virtual fax number is one of the greatest tools businesses have at their disposal to speed up faxing delivery and save money in the process. Forget about having a physical fax line ever again and learn in this article about the reasons why you need these types of numbers.

Virtual or digital fax numbers are very easy to get these days thanks to the proliferation of digital fax services. These are services that grant you a free virtual number upon signing up with them, so you can receive faxes over an Internet connection using a type of technology known as FoIP (Fax Over Internet Protocol). Faxes will arrive to your email in a digital form, so you can read them without having to print anything.

Let’s take a look at how it can help you and your business.

1. It doesn’t need physical installation

If you want to fax with a machine, you need dedicated fax line service. This of course, comes with a price and some days will pass until your phone company installs it. Although most businesses will take these extra expenses for granted, online faxing offers a more affordable and quicker way to get started.

Virtual numbers only need your Internet connection to work, and they provide 100% secure online fax transmissions. This means that you now have a dedicated fax line without complicated installations and set ups. And this lead us to our second reason…

2. It’s ready to be used in minutes

Upon signing up with an online fax service, you will be given your dedicated number. Since online fax services have already numbers at their disposition, they are ready to receive faxes from the get go. Forget about waiting. If you want to implement digital fax in the next few minutes, you can do it.

The only exception to this happens when you want to move your current number to a virtual platform. In those cases, your number needs to complete the “porting process”, which involves moving your number to the Internet, and waiting a few days until it propagates across the Web. In the meantime, your service will give you a free temporary Google fax number to avoid missing important faxes.

3. Choose between different types of numbers

One of the coolest things about obtaining a number from an Internet fax provider is that you have options to choose from. We are talking about local or toll-free numbers. Local numbers are the standard ones, that are used along with an area code; on the other hand, toll-free numbers are those numbers you can call totally free of charge. 1-800 is the most common prefix for these type of fax numbers, but you’ll also find other variations such as: 888, 877, 866, 855, etc.

If you want, you can opt to have a vanity number. These are toll-free numbers that can also be used as a marketing tool. They are very easy to recognize; have you ever seen a 1-800-CALL-ME number on the TV? This is a perfect example of vanity fax number. Keep in mind that some services charge a bit extra for these type of virtual fax numbers.

4. The line is active and free during the day

Your virtual fax line will remain active 24 hours a day/ 365 days a week as long as you continue with your subscription. This is a major feature of virtual numbers, helping you receive faxes at all times, no matter if your computer or mobile device is turned off.

Back in the days of fax machines, you had to leave them turned on at all times if you didn’t want to have problems receiving faxes.

People sending you a faxes won’t have to deal with busy fax lines ever again, providing a better flow to your communications.

5. It can be linked to any email address

Your number will not only receive faxes over Internet, it will also convert fax into a PDF files and then will forward them to your email address.

Most services allow you to link up to 5 different email addresses to a single fax number, a great feature for those businesses in which many people need to have access to incoming faxes. The fax arrives at the same time to all recipients, no matter if they are using different email providers. Additional recipients can be added for an extra fee.

6. You can get started for free

It’s true that you need a plan with an online fax service to be able to have a virtual fax number. But these days most reputable providers give you the chance of trying out how your fax number works free for 30 days. This is a perfect way to test out how your email-to-fax number works and at the same time it allows you to test all the features of Internet faxing.

Be aware that some services may ask you for credit card information to access your free account. But you can rest assured that you won’t be charged anything if you cancel before the trial period has ended. In the meantime enjoy a full month of free fax.

Need More Reasons to Switch to Virtual Faxing?

Making the jump from fax machine to Internet faxing can be a serious game changer for your company’s communications. A digital fax number is the main ingredient to make online faxing work and with these reasons you don’t have any excuse to keep using outdated technology.

Remember that you can get started within minutes, but be sure to choose a good online fax provider. Luckily, these days you’ll find plenty of good alternatives. If you haven’t decided yet on one, you can always check out our recommendations in our homepage.