MyFax Review

myfax review

MyFax is a company that made its entrance in the online fax market back in 2004, as part of Protus IP solutions, and then it was acquired by j2 Global. Now, this company is among the top 5 fax service companies in the World, being the availability of international numbers one of its strongest features.

But, is MyFax the best alternative for your office? This is what we intend to help you figure out in our review. In this article you’ll find all the information you need to know before trying out this service. Let’s get started!

​Monthly cost

​Starting at $10

​Fax pages per month

​Send 100 / Receive 200

​Free Trial

​​30 Days


​Dozens of countries

​Setup fee


​Overage cost per page


MyFax Plans and Packages

MyFax offers three types of plans tailored to the needs of different users. Plans vary in the amount of pages you can send/receive per month, but the features remain the same across the three of them:

  • Home Office User. Allows you to send 100 pages and receive another 200 for $10 a month.
  • Small Business User. Allows you to send 200 pages and receive another 200 for $20 a month.
  • Power User. Allows you to send 400 pages and receive another 400 for a cost of $40 a month.

Compared to other quality services, MyFax delivers competitive pricing in their plans – even more affordable than other leading companies in the market.

If you don’t want to spend money on a paid account at first, you can open a “Home Office User” account for free, which will remain active for a month. This is a great way to try out how well MyFax works, in special its special features like the virtual fax numbers and the mobile fax application.

At the moment of creating your free account, it is possible the service asks for a credit card. Don’t worry. They won’t charge you a dollar if you cancel your account before the free trial period has ended. To cancel your account you have to contact support via their Live chat, available at all times.

Sending Faxes with MyFax

MyFax lets you send faxes with these three methods:

  1. Through your email. This is the easiest method since it helps you treat faxes as if they were emails. For this purpose you can use any email address at your disposition. Basically, you need to send an email to an address that look like this: The file that is going to be faxed has to be included on the email as an attachment.
  2. Through Microsoft Office. According to their user’s guide you can send a fax directly from Microsoft Office programs, including Excel and Word. To do this, first you must head to your MyFax account and activate this option. Follow the steps to complete the integration and when finished you’ll be able to send a fax directly from a sidebar in your Microsoft Office applications.
  3. Through MyFax Central ( This is the member’s area of MyFax where, among other options, you’ll be able to send a fax. This is the fastest way to fax with MyFax, since you only need to fill out the required fields.

This service also has developed a web page where you can send faxes for free without having to create a new account. This is a perfect option if you only want to send an occasional fax, given that it only allows you to fax two pages per day. Helpful as it is, this option doesn’t allow you to receive faxes because to do it you need an online fax number, which is only available for free as part of an active account.

Fax transmissions are very fast. We haven’t encountered problems when sending a fax. You may argue that MyFax’s site feels a bit outdated, but it doesn’t hurt the performance of the service.

Once your fax has been sent, you will receive a confirmation message in your inbox. Alternatively, you can check out the details of all your fax transmissions on MyFax Central.

Receiving Faxes with MyFax

The first way you can receive faxes is by using your email. Once you have created your account and linked an email address to a virtual fax number, all faxes will be automatically forwarded to your email. This is pretty convenient because you can simply login to your email inbox and check it anywhere. Faxes will be encrypted and converted as a PDF before they are sent to you.

Another way to receive faxes is through MyFax Central. Simply log into your account and go to the area labeled as Inbox. There you will find a list of all the faxes you have received online, as well as the details of each transmission. In this area you can download your fax, forward it, mark it a spam or generate a report of all your incoming faxes.

In recent times, MyFax has also added a new way to receive faxes…

MyFax for Smartphones

With the massive popularity of smartphones, some online fax service companies started developing apps to access the service via cell phone. MyFax is one of them. Today, they count with an app that is very easy to use and lets you get to the point with your faxing tasks,

Once you have downloaded the app, you log in and you can set instant notifications of incoming faxes. You can then proceed to read it from within the app, no need of a computer. I must say, I really liked the app because it not only allows you to receive faxes, but compose and receive them as well.

If you want to send a fax you just press SEND, fill all the required fields and that’s it! As the fax content you can attach a document stored in your phone, use a photo of your camera roll, or take a picture of a document you have at hand.

The app is simple and fast. One of MyFax’s strongest points.

Features – What Makes MyFax Different?

International coverage. Besides providing toll-free and local fax numbers in USA and Canada, MyFax also has at its disposition international numbers in multiple countries around the World. If your business requires international presence or if you don’t live in the US, this is an alternative to keep in mind.

Fax to 50. This service lets you send a single fax to multiple recipients (up to 50) at the same time. If you need to broadcast a fax, you’ll find this feature is big time saver.

High file Compatibility. MyFax is the service that offers the highest compatibility with up to 178 different file formats. It is practically guaranteed that you’ll be able to send any type of document from your computer. From known formats such as txt, doc, jpg and xls; to rare ones such as IBM FTT, HTML, MacWrite, among many others.

Multiple fax recipients. If your company requires many people to receive faxes, you can set up to 5 different email addresses that will receive faxes simultaneously.


If you are looking for an alternative that is fast and reliable when it comes to faxing, MyFax is an excellent alternative. This service does well what it advertises, transmitting multiple file formats as faxes in just a few seconds. Their app is not the most complete in the market, but for most users it is more than enough. It compensates it with its ease of use and speed. We recommend it!