Help Your Business “Go Green” with Gmail Faxing

go green

One of the small steps you can take in your business that has a huge positive impact on the environment, is adopting a Gmail faxing solution. By faxing digitally, we can play our part in reducing paper consumption, keeping our trees safe, and helping reduce the biggest factor that influences global warming: carbon dioxide emissions.

Online faxing has proven to be a tool that not only helps us fax more efficiently, but also eases the process of making these eco-friendly changes. “Going green” is not just a fad. Thousands of businesses now have started implementing changes in order to be responsible with our World. In addition, they are reaping the positive social rewards for their actions.

Reducing Our Tree Consumption

In this digital World we live in, we have enough tools to avoid using paper, so it makes no sense that we keep on tearing down millions of trees each year. Just to put things in perspective: It takes a 15 year old tree to produce 10,000 sheets of paper, which is something that you would find in half a box! By using an online fax service you could simply send and receive faxes electronically, so you would be able to read them on your computer, tablet or cell phone.

Sadly, many businesses still rely on traditional fax machines. Tons and tons of papers are faxed on an everyday basis, for trivial and important matters. According to data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency, the US alone consumes 69 tons of paper per year. If more and more businesses that rely on faxing start switching to a Internet fax we could save millions of trees, the lungs of our planet.

The Need to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Fax machines are not like other office appliances that can be turned off once you finish using them. Your machine needs to be turned on all the time. How could you receive that important fax if your machine is not even ready to receive it? Many companies keep their fax machines turned on even during closed hours, to avoid missing an important document. It’s no wonder it has been rated as the office equipment that consumes the most energy!

All the things we keep plugged on our electric outlets contribute to the emission of carbon dioxide, and some machines contribute more than others. In the case of faxing, it has been calculated that over a year it can produce up to 250 kg of CO2. Now multiply that with the number of offices using fax machines (here’s a hint: more than 45 million all over the Globe), and you will see how fax machines are affecting negatively our environment.

The Problem with Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges and toners are necessary when using a fax machine, but… what happens once you need a replacement? Well you may have guessed right. They end up in landfills, which are needed for solid waste that takes time to bio-degrade.

Although there are companies that are using bio-degradable material for their cartridges, it is not enough. Specially considering that we could avoid cartridges altogether by adopting a digital solution.

Help the Environment, Help Your Wallet

One of the great things about online faxing, is that it doesn’t cost more than traditional faxing to implement. Thousands of businesses have witnessed enormous savings just by faxing digitally. So you are saving money and helping the environment at the same time! These are some of the economic benefits of switching to Gmail fax:

  • ​Spend less on electricity.
  • ​Waste less paper, and reduce expenses on managing the waste.
  • ​Avoid paying for a landline installation.
  • check
    ​Start at anytime.
  • check
    ​Cancel at anytime.

Faxing by email is only getting more popular as years pass by. While there’s still need to fax in many industries, we can do so responsibly, minimizing to our best capabilities the harm we are causing on the planet, and online faxing is your best bet. It’s very easy to get started since you don’t need installations or software setup.

If you want to learn how this technology works, and how you can start witnessing the power of email fax, we recommend you head over to our ​tutorial. Happy faxing and thanks for reading!

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