How to Send a Fax Online? (from Gmail, PC, Mac and More)

send fax online

​​It is possible to send a fax online using different alternatives: using your PC or Mac computer, using a smartphone app, using an email address such as Gmail, ​using an app such as MS Office or using a cloud storage service like Google Drive (Google Docs, Google Sheets) and Dropbox.

To send a fax online you just need the help of an online fax service, which let you send and receive a certain amount of faxes per month over a virtual line, without needing a fax machine or a special fax modem. Fax services such as eFax, RingCentral Fax or MyFax let you create a free account for 30 days to test these methods.

Read on to learn how to send fax from any computer, send fax online from cloud storage services, send faxes from your most used apps and learn how secure it is to fax over Internet.

How to Send Fax Online from a Computer

​If you are using a PC or laptop, follow the steps on this method ​to send a fax for free:

  1. ​After creating your account, log into your fax service's dashboard.
  2. Go to the Send section (the specific page varies from ​provider to ​provider)
  3. ​Fill the recipient's details on the web form.
  4. Upload the files you want to send as fax.
  5. Click Send

Some services also let you add a cover page, either by uploading your own or by using one of the templates available in your account.

How to Send Fax Online from a Smartphone

​Using your cell phone to send an app is a great alternative if you are away from the ofice and need to send an urgent document.

  1. Download the app that corresponds to your fax service.
  2. Open the app and log in using your credentials.
  3. Tap on Send Fax.
  4. ​Fill out the details of the fax.
  5. Upload files from your phone or take a photo of a document using your phone's camera.
  6. ​Tap Send.

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How to Send Fax Online from Gmail (or any other Email Address)

  1. ​Create a new email message by clicking on Compose in Gmail.
  2. On the TO field enter the recipient's number followed by @ and the domain of your current fax provider​:
  3. On the Subject Field add the text you want to appear on the cover page.
  4. Upload the files you want to fax.
  5. Click on Send.

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How to Send Fax Online from a Mac

​Online fax services are all web-based, this means that they work the same no matter if you are using a Mac​book, or a desktop Mac computer.  If you want to send from your Mac's Mail app, you just need to follow the same steps to send fax from email.

How to Send Fax Online from Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel...)

​If you want to fax directly from a Microsoft app such as Word or Excel:

  1. ​Save the file you want to fax on Office's software.
  2. Click on Share.
  3. Choose to share vie email
  4. ​Send the fax using ​your email, entering the fax number as (domain varies according to your provider) and following the steps above.

If your service supports Microsoft Office plug-ins, you just need to download it and install it.  Once done, you'll find a new fax menu on your MS app's ​main bar.

How to Send Fax Online from Google Drive (Google Docs, Google Sheets)

​If you want to send fax from Google Drive apps like Google Docs and Google Sheets, you need a service that supports plugins.  Just like the Office ones, they will add a new function in your toolbar.  Download the plugin from the Docs add-on store.

  1. ​Open a Document on Google Drive
  2. ​Search on the main toolbar the new faxing menu, and click on Send Fax.
  3. A new side menu will appear, where you need to fill out the details of the recipient.
  4. Click on Send

Some online fax services let you link your Google Drive account from their dashboard, allowing you to pull documents directly from your virtual drive, when using the first method to fax from a computer.

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How to Send Fax Online from ​Dropbox, Box, OneDrive

​In order to send a fax from a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Box or OneDrive, you need to first your account with an online fax service.  Log into your member's dashboard, and on the sending area, choose to upload files from a cloud storage service and choose the one you want to use. You'll be asked to authorized the link the first time you send a fax.

select dropbox to send fax

​Is It Secure to Send Fax Online? (Security, HIPAA Compliance)

The short answer is yes. One of the biggest concerns for services is to bring maximum security to fax transmissions, especially taking into account this is a technology used in industries where its common to handle sensitive information, like law and healthcare.

​A good online fax provider is able to send fax that complies with HIPAA, ensuring that information is handled for security.  Make sure to ask for an agreement before deciding on a secure fax server solution.​

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