How to Fax Multiple Attachments in Email to Fax

​This article will show you how to fax multiple attachments via e-mail, making the process more convenient and efficient. There may be situations where you need to send multiple documents to the same recipient. Instead of sending each document separately, faxing multiple attachments in a single fax saves time and ensures that all the documents are received together.

Why Would You Need to Fax Multiple Attachments?

Dealing with Multiple Pages in a Fax

​It is common for documents to have multiple pages, such as contracts, reports, or legal agreements. Faxing these documents as individual pages can be cumbersome. Faxing multiple attachments allows you to send the entire document in one fax, maintaining the order and context of the pages.

Methods to Fax Using Multiple Documents

​There are several methods you can use to fax multiple attachments, depending on your needs. Some email providers allow you to merge multiple documents into a single file before sending it as an attachment. Alternatively, you can attach each document separately and include the total number of pages in the subject or body of the email.

How to Send Multiple Attachments in an Email to Fax

Step-by-Step Guide to Faxing Multiple Documents

​Follow these steps to fax multiple attachments using email.  Note that you need an account with an online fax service that allows you to send faxes from Gmail, Outlook, or another email provider.

  1. Open the documents you want to fax, ensuring they are saved in a compatible format, such as PDF or Microsoft Word.
  2. Compose a new email in your email provider's interface.
  3. Attach the files you want to fax to the email. If there are multiple attachments, ensure they are attached in the desired order.
  4. Add all the necessary information, such as the recipient's fax number in an email format and any additional details required.
  5. Click the send button to initiate the faxing process.
  6. Monitor the status of the fax to ensure it is sent successfully.

Using a Single Fax for Multiple Attachments

Some fax service providers allow you to send multiple attachments in a single fax by merging them into a single file. This method simplifies the faxing process and ensures that all attachments are received together as a single document.

What Information Do You Need to Fax Using Multiple Documents?

When sending multiple attachments via email to fax, there are several pieces of information you need to include:

  • Recipient's fax number
  • Cover sheet (if required)
  • Total number of pages, including the cover sheet and attachments
  • Recipient's contact details, such as name and company

Understanding the Faxing Process in Email

How to Open and Print the Documents You Want to Fax

Before faxing the documents, you need to open and print them if necessary. Ensure that the documents are easily readable and that there are no issues with the content or formatting that could affect the faxed version.

Attaching the Files to Your Email for Faxing

Once the documents are ready, you can attach them to your email. Most email providers have a simple attachment function that allows you to select the files you want to attach. Make sure the documents are attached in the correct order to maintain the intended flow and context.

Getting the Right Format for Faxing Multiple Attachments

When faxing multiple attachments, it's important to ensure that they are saved in a compatible format. PDF is generally the preferred format, as it preserves the formatting and layout of the documents. However, other formats such as Microsoft Word or image files may also be accepted. Check with your fax service provider for the supported formats.

Common User Questions and Problems When Faxing Multiple Attachments

How Can I Ensure that All Attachments Are Sent to the Recipient?

To ensure that all attachments are sent to the recipient, double-check the email before sending it. Verify that all the attached documents are listed and that their order is correct. You can also add a note in the email informing the recipient of the total number of pages they should expect to receive. Once your ​document has been sent you'll receive a confirmation that your fax has been ​received.

I Can Only See One Document in the Fax Preview - Where Are the Other Attachments?

If you can only see one document in the fax preview, it is possible that the other attachments are not properly merged into a single file. Check the email to ensure that all the attached documents are listed. You may need to reattach the files or adjust the settings in your email provider's interface.

Faxing multiple attachments via email provides a convenient and efficient way to transmit various documents. By following the step-by-step guide and understanding the faxing process, you can successfully send multiple attachments without hassle. Remember to double-check the attached documents, include all necessary information, and monitor the fax status to ensure successful delivery.