Gmail Debuts New Look – Have You Tried It Yet?

Have you given Gmail’s new look a try? Now when you log into Gmail you see a message saying that the interface will be updating soon, but you have the opportunity to switch immediately. This is the biggest redesign Google’s free email service has had in years, adding new productivity and security features that will be much appreciated by the billions of people with a Gmail account.

Right from the get go, the loading screen is different. Now it features Gmail’s logo along with a cool animation while your inbox is loaded on the screen, unlike the old version which just showed your email address. Of course, that’s just the beginning, let’s take a look at the major changes in this new version of Gmail.

Productivity Changes and Additions

Now on the right side of your messages you’ll find three different icons: “Calendar, “Keep” and “Tasks”. By clicking this last icon, a new sidebar will appear where you can easily add tasks with a button, but you can also drag email messages fro the left into this sidebar to add it as a task pretty quickly. New tasks can be linked to the Calendar too.

gmail sidebar buttons

If you click on the + button on the right sidebar, you will be taken the the G Suite Marketplace, where you can add more features to your sidebar. There you’ll find RingCentral, and although it doesn’t offer Gmail fax integration so far, we bet this will be added in the following months.

Gmail’s interface has also been updated, it looks similar, but in our opinion feels busier than the precious version, mainly because when you switch to this new look, you are taken to the default screen, which includes more icons that take up more space. If you are looking to replicate the feeling of the previous version, you can head to your settings (Cog icon), click on “Display density”, and then choose “Comfortable”.

display density settings in gmail

If you like reading your inbox and sort emails as you glance at them, you can do it by hovering on the email messages. You’ll notice that a set of quick actions buttons will appear on the right side. You can quickly Archive, Mark as read and Delete, but there’s also a new option called “Snooze”, which was previously available on Inbox by Google. Simply pick a time from the suggestions, or choose “someday” and it’s done.

Security Improvements

There are also some changes in security. For example, if you receive suspicious email, Gmail will make it clear that this is a dangerous message by showing a big red box on top with a warning. Hopefully this will help reduce the amount of phishing taking place through the platform. Other security features include:

  • ​The ability to send a message with an expiry date. Once the date has arrived it will self destruct.
  • ​Revoke reading privileges. This works the same as “un-sending” a fax.
  • ​Add 2-factor authentication on emails before the recipient is able to read it.
  • ​Block downloading, sharing and printing of emails from a business account.  This is a great feature for businesses that value confidentiality and don’t want information leaking out.

Does This Affect Current Services I Use with Gmail?

No, at least not negatively. If you are faxing by ​Gmail, the transmission of documents will take place the same as always. Other third-party services are not affected, this change only affects the factors we have mentioned in the article.

In summary, we enjoy this new version of Gmail. Although the default version is a bit crowded for our taste, you can simply change it with a few clicks and make Gmail look as it was before for the most part. The new productivity and security features added in the email service make communicating faster and easier, and this translates to your online faxing experience. It will be interesting to see what new fax add-ons will be integrated in the G Suite marketplace.