Why Choose Gmail Over Other Email Providers?

benefits of using Gmail

Gmail appeared as Google’s response to the proliferation of free email services in the past decade. Its popularity has grown so much that today it has become the most used free email provider in the World.

At first it was accessible only through invitations – a great move that was meant to control the amount of low-quality accounts and spammers – but since 2007 anyone can create a new account, whether it is for personal use or for business.

Creating a Gmail Account

To create a new account, you need to go to mail.google.com and complete the registration process. It will ask you for basic information, and in some cases it may require you to verify that you are an actual person by confirming it via cell phone.

Gmail and Ads on Its Interface

Google monetizes Gmail by adding Adsense ads on certain areas of their interface. These ads are shown based on your search history and cookies. Most people don’t notice them because they integrate well with the design. This sets them apart from other services that have pretty big ads on important parts of their interface, making them look chunky.

Don’t worry, these ads are only seen by you and are not included in any email you send whether you are using the website or their mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Lots of Storage Space

storage space

Some years ago, Gmail had an active counter of the increasing storage capacity they were able to deliver. Nowadays, it simply doesn’t matter because there’s so much space that you can archive every message you get, including non-solicited messages, and still have plenty of space.

With the launch of Google Drive, now all your storage space is shared in this virtual hard drive that you an access anywhere. There, you can store and edit documents of all types. Right now the storage capacity is 15GB, but Google also lets you purchase additional storage space if you require it.

Integrating Additional Features on Gmail

Although basically Gmail just let you take care of emails, you can add more features via add-ons and third-party services. You can for instance add a to-do list, create invoices, schedule email messages and of course fax online, all without leaving the email interface.

This degree of customization can be of great aid to improve your productivity and let you focus on other important things throughout the day.

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Access ​Gmail Offline

By installing a Chrome extension, you are able to access Gmail and read your messages without having an Internet connection. This comes in handy whenever you are having problems with your connection. The extension will keep on browsing for an available connection though, so new messages will arrive as soon as the connection is resumed.

Searching ​Your Inbox

Gmail search

If there’s something that Google does better than any other company is optimizing the search, in this case of your email messages and Google Talk chats. Just type the text you are looking for in the search box and you will get a list of all messages with that text, ordered by the date they were received. If you have a chain of messages, it will open only those pertaining to the keyword you’ve just looked for.

Advanced search commands let you search by date, size, recipient, subject and even words that it doesn’t have! All at an incredible speed.

​Gmail Spam Filter

Gmail does a great job at keeping Spam at bay. Although there’s always filtering taking place when using any email service, you can’t notice spam messages are arriving unless you go directly to the Spam folder!

Of course, it doesn’t work every single time, but you are setting high wall not only against spam, but also against viruses and certain types of malware.

Sometimes a non-spam message will get filtered and you won’t be able to see it in your primary inbox. This is is one of the few bad things about Gmail, the filter just works too well! Luckily you can easily take off a sender from the Spam list with a single click.

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POP and IMAP at Zero Cost

You can use either the POP or ​IMAP protocols to receive faxes with your favorite email client software, on your computer or your mobile phone. The best part is that they don’t charge you a single penny for this, unlike some other “free” providers on the market.

Checking Gmail in an email software lets you download and organize all your emails straight from your hard drive.

​Gmail Receives Constant Updates

new Gmail interface

If you are using Gmail, you may experience new features without even knowing it. Google is constantly improving their email service thanks to user feedback and complementary services such as Gmail Labs, an area where you can test new features before they are released to the mass public.

Recently Gmail has had a major update in their interface, letting you sign documents, pay invoices and other things without even reading the message. It has also more interface layout options, letting you adjust the amount of details in your screen. ​

In Summary

Gmail has become the top free email service in the entire World. Backed by Google, it is so advanced and simple to use that millions of people use it not only for personal stuff but also to take care of business when they are first starting out. That’s because reliability is a very important factor to take into account.

This service provides a set of features that make emailing the easiest thing in the World, and without charging for it. Even though it contain ads, they have managed to blend it in the correct way, and they don’t end up being distracting or -even worse- obstructing.

If you haven’t created your Gmail address yet, go ahead and do it! It will only take a couple of minutes and I’m sure you won’t regret it. You’ll also be automatically create a new account to access a host of other Google services like Google Drive and Docs.