Get an Uber Ride Using Google Assistant

uber ride with Google Assistant

Google has announced they have started rolling out a new feature for Google Assistant. The famous app now supports transportation services, which means you can book an Uber, a Lyft or any similar service using just a voice command.

Google Assistant comes included with Google home and Android based devices, but iPhone users can also take advantage of this newest update by downloading it as an app for their phones. It is worth noting that Google already provided the ability to use a ride service but this was only possible by following a series of steps through their Maps app.

Now the tech company wants to make it a smoother experience. To get started you have to say “Hey Google”, this will make the assistant listen to your request. After that, simply tell the assistant:

“Get me a ride to nearest McDonald’s”

This will show you the different services and you can book one by unlocking your phone or confirming it to Google Home.

There’s also the possibility of requesting a specific transportation service, for example you could ask:

“Hey Google, get me an Uber to McDonald’s” or “Get me a Lyft to nearest hospital”

Again, the device will show you ride availability and the total cost. You just have to confirm it. If you are using an iPhone, follow the same steps, just make sure you open the app beforehand. Forget about having to look on your screen for the right app, waiting for confirmation, etc. Now your Google Assistant takes care of everything.

Google has stated that this new feature will be gradually added in areas where there are transportation companies available. If you can’t find it, it’s probably because your area hasn’t been added yet.

We’ve had the chance of trying out this new feature and we love it. Have you had the chance of trying it out?

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