How to Fax from Yahoo Email

yahoo fax guide

​Is it possible to fax from Yahoo? Yes! You can fax directly ​through Yahoo Mail thanks to the help of ​an ​online fax service. 

​Online fax services let you link a virtual fax line to your Yahoo email account, so you can send and receive faxes in a similar way you do common emails​.  You just sign up for the service of your preference, and choose the number you want to be linked to your email, a few minutes later your line will be ready for fax transmissions.

​Besides a fax service you only need an active Yahoo email address. Luckily, you can create one of these for free.  If you don’t have one right now, you can ​create one at ​ We always recommend you create a brand new account dedicated to fax, so you won't mix up your communications.

​​Sending And Receiving Faxes ​From Yahoo Email

​Sending and receiving fax with Yahoo is a piece of cake, there are only a few differences between sending a common email and a email fax. Remember that Yahoo doesn't have their own fax service, so in order to follow the tutorials below you'll need an account with a third-party fax service like eFax or MyFax for example, which can easily be integrated with Yahoo.​ 

After our tutorial section you'll find our recommendations for best Yahoo fax service.  But before that, let's take a look at how to start faxing in just a few steps.

​How to Send a Fax

​Step 1: Log into Yahoo! ​account and create a new email message by clicking on the blue Compose button. This will prompt the message composing window to appear.  Next, we need to fill out the details of your fax.

Step 2: On the To field, enter the recipient’s number and then add (The exact domain used for faxing will be provided by your chosen fax service) ​

Step 3: Enter on Subject line or on the ​body of the email, the text you want to appear on the cover page.  The ​cover page will be added on a page preceding the actual ​document. 

Step 4: Click on the paperclip icon on the bottom bar of the Compose screen.  You’ll see a new window where you can select a ​document or files from your computer.  ​

Step 5: Before you send a fax, make sure every detail is correct before you send a fax, and click the Send button to ​begin the fax transmission​.

​After completing these 5 steps your ​file will be converted into a faxed document and forwarded to its destination.  This process takes place externally, you just have to wait between 1-2 minutes until you receive ​an email with the details of the fax.

 If you want to access the ​fax you have sent or received, you can do this by searching your email messages or by logging into your online fax account.

When you fax from Yahoo email, busy lines are not a problem​.  If ​an email to fax service encounters one, ​it will try to re-send the fax several times until ​it is successful.

​How to Receive a Fax

You don’t have to do anything to start receiving faxes on your email inbox.  ​When you sign up with a fax service provider, you’ll be granted a ​virtual fax number, a digital number that redirects incoming faxes to your computer.

Most online fax services let you pick between a local or toll-free faxing number.  They way they both work is the same.  ​

First this number “grabs” the incoming fax transmission and then sends it to your provider’s fax servers, where faxes are converted into a PDF ​format file.  This PDF is then forwarded to your email. This whole process takes about a minute to complete, and people sending you faxes won’t notice anything strange with your number.

​Incoming Fax Notifications

To check for incoming faxes, just login to your Yahoo​ Mail account and check for new messages.  

There are more convenient ways to stay up to date with current faxes though, like enabling mobile notifications, push notifications via a Chrome or Firefox plugin, or my favorite, using your service’s iPhone or Android fax app.

Once you download the app of your Internet faxing provider on your device, just login and you'll get a sound or vibration whenever a new fax comes your way.

​Best Yahoo Fax Services of 2023

Choosing a good service will make a big difference in the way you fax.  Good providers not only integrate easily with Yahoo! email addresses, they will also help you send ​faxes easier and faster thanks to additional features like mobile ​apps, fax scheduling, fax number porting, among others.  If you don’t know where to start, here are our recommendations.​


  • This is a huge company in the field of email faxing.  We’ve been using it for years with Yahoo Mail and we’ve never encountered problems ​when sending fax online.  Compared to other companies it has a slightly higher price, but they make up for it with their excellent service and wide array of useful features to fax pages with efficiency.  their mobile app is currently the best one on the market, putting the power of a fax machine in your hands.  They offer fax numbers in dozens of countries around the World. Their free trial gives you access to the standard plan for a month.


  • This online fax provider offers accounts in different countries as well.  Compared side-by-side with eFax, MyFax has less powerful features, but it comes with a more affordable price.  What sets this service apart from others is its ability to quickly convert dozens of different file formats, including obscure ones that are still used by some industries.  Setting up an account is very easy, it only takes up a couple of minutes. Their free trial also gives you access to the standard plan for a month.

​Frequently Asked Questions

​Do I Need Extra Equipment to Fax With Yahoo Mail?

​If you have a computer and an Internet connection (which is highly possible given you are reading this) you have everything you need. Forget about having to ​spend money on a fax machine, a multifunction printer or a ​phone line to send and receive faxed documents. 

​How Should I Enter the Recipient's Fax Number When ​You Send a Fax?

​It depends on the service you are currently using​, but ​it always follows the same email format:  So if you, for example use eFax, then what you need to enter on the address field is:  

​The number you enter must also contain the country code, or area code if they are needed.

​Different fax services have different domains where you send the fax, this information is detailed in your welcome email. 

​Can I Connect my Yahoo Mail Account to a Fax Machine?

No, the closest you can do is connect your computer to a printer or copy machine.  The good thing about this is that you have complete freedom over what you print.  An advanced model of fax machine can connect to your computer, but that is not needed here.

​Is Every Online Fax Service Compatible with Yahoo Mail?

​Most online fax service providers are compatible with a Yahoo ​email address, the ones we recommend go the extra mile by providing useful features for its users. 

How Will I Know My Fax ​From Yahoo Mail Has Arrived?

Right after completing the transmission process, you receive a confirmation email to your Yahoo Mail address, containing all the details of the transmission you've just faxed. In case of a failed delivery, this email will let you know what went wrong when it faxed the file.  Getting this kind of email is rare though, because services re-try sending the fax several times.

Are there other methods to send a fax Besides Using Yahoo Mail?

Besides using your Yahoo email account to send faxes, you can also use your fax service members dashboard, where you just need to fill a form with all your fax details on your web browser.  Depending on the service, faxing this way also give you access to ​additional features. Another way to send a fax is through your provider's mobile faxing app.

Can I Link my Fax Number to Multiple Yahoo Mail Addresses?

Yes, most services let you link a single fax number to up to 5 different email ​accounts, and they can be Yahoo Mail addresses or your own email client as well.  This is very different when using a fax machine, since everybody needs to access the same spot to receive fax. Your number can also be linked to other email services​.

​Advantages of ​Yahoo Fax

It’s free to create your Yahoo! account.  

It only takes a couple of minutes to create a new account to manage your fax communications.

If you are just starting out with email faxing, it would be a good idea to create a new account dedicated to receive faxes, this way you'll avoid in great measure the problem of spam.


Online faxing is a huge leap forward in terms of speed.  Forget about having to wait precious minutes of your time for a fax machine to work properly and be free from all the issues that make fax machines slow. Just enter your Yahoo Mail account and start faxing.

Features like fax scheduling and fax broadcasting will save hours of your time.

It’s easy

Once you send a couple of faxes, you won’t look at fax machines the same way. ​Faxing a document only takes up a couple of minutes at most, and receiving faxes is 100% automatic.  You can even fax from your phone, using the power of mobile fax apps.

Fax numbers.  

At the moment of creating your account with an online fax service, you’ll receive your own ​free Yahoo Mail faxing number, a number that stays active at all times to receive fax to Yahoo Mail.  Pick between local, toll-free and international numbers at no extra cost.  

It's Affordable

​Fax service providers charge in average $15 per month for a basic plan that let you send and receive hundreds of pages each month, and you can always get started with a free fax trial account.  

With traditional ​faxes, you need to buy a fax machine and supplies such as toner and paper. When you fax from Yahoo email you can print only what you need.