How to Fax from Google Docs

fax from google docs

​​​​Modern offices are changing. Every year a growing number of offices are deciding to use cloud storage and sharing services for teamwork projects, and Google Docs is one of the preferred ones for the job. But, did you know that you can also fax from there? In just a few steps you can integrate an online fax service with Google Docs, adding faxing capabilities to send documents directly from the interface.  But there are different methods to do so that we’ll show you in this article.

What is Google Docs

It’s a free online-based tool owned by Google that allow us to create, edit and share different types of documents, like text files and spreadsheets. With this tool we don’t need to install any type of software on our computers and is available for free to everyone with a Google account.

The files created in Google Docs remain stored in a cloud-based virtual server, letting us do interesting things like sharing documents with other team members in the company, or accessing our faxes from anywhere, using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Today, the service has been renamed as Google Drive, but in essence it’s the same. The difference is that now it also includes a virtual storage space.

How Do You Send Fax from Google Docs?

There are two methods you can use to send a fax ​with Google using Docs:

  • ​Using an Internet fax service.
  • ​Using a Google Docs Plugin

Using an Online Fax Service

The most common way to fax Google Docs files is with the help of online fax services. They link a virtual number to Gmail, allowing you to send and receive faxes as common emails.

If you have an account with an online fax service follow these steps below. If you don’t have one, check out our tutorials on how to choose one.

  • 1
    ​Head to the “Fax Sending” page on your service’s website.
  • 2
    ​Authorize the fax service to exchange information with Google Drive.
  • 3
    ​To attach the document you usually have to click on the Drive icon.
  • 4
    ​A pop-up window will emerge, where you will pick the document you want to fax from your Google Drive storage.
fax using your drive dashboard

Not all services have this option, so if this is an important feature for you, try yo talk to customer service first.

Using a Google Docs Plugin

By adding a plugin to Docs, you can add new useful features on your document screen. Some of the plugins that you can find on the Chrome store allows you to fax a documents directly from Docs.

Among the companies that offer these plugins, the one that stands above the rest is HelloFax. Downloading them is free at first (some companies include a number of free pages to try them out). But after a certain period you will have to pay per fax page or subscribe to a monthly plan.

Once you have installed the Docs plugin, you can send a fax using a sidebar. There you will have a form with all the necessary info you need to fill out to send the fax. Depending on the plugin of your choice you may find additional features such as the ability to add a cover page or send a single fax to multiple recipients at once.

Which Method is Better?

Choosing one over another will depend on your workflow. If you work directly on Docs regularly, then a fax plugin will save you a few seconds, since you will have everything you need in a single window. But the downside about these plugins is that you don’t have a lot of alternatives, and in some cases you can end up paying overpriced fees.

If you just want to pull documents and store them on Docs, using an online fax service is a better alternative. Besides working with Docs, they provide integration with other cloud storage services on the Web such as Drop and Dropbox.

You should also consider if you need to receive faxes as well, because this alternative is only available through an online fax service account. The majority of plugins serve just to send faxes.