How to Fax from Android

fax from android

​Nowadays you can fax from your Android tablet or phone in just a quick steps. Currently, the only way to do it is through the help of an online fax service.

These services let you ditch your fax machine and physical phone line and replace them with your computer and a virtual line. They are web-based services, so you can access them anywhere as long as you have a computer/device and an Internet connection.

There are no known ways of connecting and Android device to a fax machine or a multi-function printer. Software is also useless in case you want to fax from your cell phone because they connect to a machine using a fax modem or similar device. additionally, your mobile phone number can’t really act as your fax number.

Let’s get started!

​Using An Android Fax App

The quickest and most secure way to fax from Android is by using an online fax service that has developed a fax app. Although this was one of the newest additions in fax services, most companies have now an option. Though some work better than others.

Mobile fax apps usually come with a set of basic faxing functions: send faxes, receive faxes and sign faxes electronically. This last option is especially helpful if you just have to receive a fax, sign it and then send it back. This feels like having a fax machine right in your pocket!

It’s good to note that not all services have ​dedicated apps, some just have a mobile-friendly version of their website that you can access from your phone or tablet. Although it is not as convenient as having an app, this is also a working method to fax with your Android-based device.

For this tutorial, you’ll need:

  • An Android-based tablet or phone with access to Internet. Both WiFi and your cell phone data will work perfectly for this purpose. It is advisable you have the latest Android OS update to be able to download the mobile apps.
  • A subscription to an online fax service. Services are paid via monthly subscriptions, but you can get started with a 30 day free trial. Most services let you create a free account, this gives you the chance of trying out their mobile fax options.
  • A document. It can be digital or physical, this is the document you’ll be sending as a fax.

​Sending a Fax ​Through Android

There are a couple of ways you can send faxes on the go with an online fax service.

Using the App

If your service has a fax app, download it ​from the Google Play Store. These apps are free to download but, they will ask you for your login credentials before entering the faxing interface.​

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Once logged in, you’ll find the option to Send a Fax. Tap on this option and fill out the necessary details like phone number, recipient’s number, etc.

Now you need to attach the document that will act as the fax contents. ​You can upload it directl from your phone. But chances are, most of the time you’ll need to fax a physical document. To do it, click on the camera icon and take a photo of the physical document you need converted into digital fax. 

efax for android interface

The app will then grab the image, optimize it to be readable on fax machines and then show you a preview of the document. If everything’s OK, just tap on Send and the fax will be on its way. You’ll receive a confirmation message once your fax has been successfully delivered.

Using your Email

Online fax services also give you the option of faxing directly from your email. That’s why they are often referred as email fax services. You basically just have to send an email in which the TO field will contain the receiver’s number followed by the domain of your fax service. It should look like this:

The exact domain will vary depending on the service you are using. This information is given to you in your welcome email. Refer to it when trying out this method.

setting up an email fax

The actual documents you’ll fax will be attached to the email message. You can attach a file from your phone, and if it’s a physical document, take a snap of it and then attach it to the email message. Here’ we have a tutorial where you’ll learn how to set up your fax to be sent with Gmail.

To send your fax you can use an email app such as Gmail or Outlook, or use your phone’s email app. Remember that you have to determine what email address you’ll be using for faxing when you first sign up for a service. If you don’t send it from the same account, it won’t work.

​Receiving Fax On your Android Device

Receiving fax is the easiest part of faxing on the go. Thanks to your online fax number, all faxes will arrive automatically to your fax account and to your email. The app will launch a notification when this happens so you can enter and read it on the “View Faxes” section.

This section also contains the option of adding an electronic signature to send it back.

If you are using your email for faxing, just login to the account associated with faxing and check for new incoming messages. Faxes will arrive as PDF file, so you can download it or print it without leaving your Android tablet or phone.

Final Words

Online fax services provide the most convenient way to send and receive faxes from Android devices. And since it is all web-based technology you don’t even need to keep your phone on at all times. Even if you run out of batteries, faxes will still arrive but they will be hosted in your fax service’s servers in the meantime. Once your phone is on again and with an Internet connection, these documents will be forwarded to the app.

Among the services with Android apps you have eFax, RingCentral and MyFax. check out our reviews to learn more about them!

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