Do I Fax Face Down or Face Up? What’s Correct?

When ​faxing a document using a conventional fax machine, you will be asked to enter the document in the feeder. But … how do you do it? face up or face down?

The truth is that it varies depending to the fax machine you are using. There is no agreement between brands to make life easier for consumers.

What you have to look for is a sticker with the logo of a document. If the logo has forward stripes it means that you fax face up, if it is blank and has some stripes in the fold, then the document face down is added.

Here’s a graphic that will allow you to locate the logo easily.

how to face a fax page

​Double Side Feeders

There are machines that allow you to put documents from both sides, through double sided feeders. Some have the logo above, in this case it’s used to deliver the pages in order.

If your machine doesn’t have this logo, you will have to consult the user manual.

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