eFax Review

efax review

eFax is one of the leading companies in the field of email fax services, bringing an amazing set of features and perfect integration with Gmail as well as other email services.

This is the company that offers more coverage in the entire World, with local and toll-free numbers in more than 42 countries and thousands of cities around the World.

But what are the prices and plans of eFax? What features can I find? For what type of users is it recommended? These are some of the questions that we’ll take a look in this review.

Monthly cost

​$12.95/$10.79 annual

Fax pages per month


Free Trial

​30 Days



Setup fee


Overage fee (per page)


​eFax Features

  • Local and Toll-Free Numbers.  Being the fax company with most coverage, eFax lets you find local numbers in 42 countries around the World. Toll-free numbers are available in some countries.  eFax also has a wonderful fax porting service, which enables you to keep your current fax number; they give you a temporary fax number to use while your number propagates over the Internet.
  • Advanced web dashboard.  I love to send and receive faxes by Gmail, but you also have the option of managing faxes from your web account.  Here you will find additional options such as searchable faxes and an address book which lets you fax with just a few clicks.  Although I still prefer to fax directly from my email account, it is great to have this option, especially now that eFax has redesigned the user interface to be simpler to use.
  • Smartphone Apps.  Companies such as eFax are innovating in the field of electronic faxing with the development of mobile fax apps that turn your cell phone into a fax machine.  eFax’s app is free to download on the App Store, but to use it you will need to have to create an account. Luckily, it works with paid and free accounts!  It is worth saying that eFax has the best app to fax on the go, with options to receive, send and even sign faxes electronically.
  • Encryption and security.  eFax makes sure that fax connections are fully encrypted. I’ve been using eFax for years, and I’ve never had a safety issue with them.  If you are worried about faxes with sensitive information you have an option to add password protection to the documents on top of the encryption.
  • Lifetime Storage.  As long as you keep using eFax you’ll have all your documents stored in your account.  This is great to prevent missing faxes and to keep tabs of your communications in one place.  Most fax services only offers storage for a limited amount of time, which requires constant backups.
  • Digital signature.  This neat little feature can help you save some time! Instead of printing, signing the fax and then scanning it for delivery, you only add your digitized signature to your faxes automatically.  You simply drag the signature to your document, save it and send it as you would send a simple email fax.
  • Link up to 5 email addresses.  This feature comes in handy for small companies who have more than one person sending and receiving faxes.  All the addresses linked to the virtual fax number will be able to receive the same faxes and send new ones.
  • Customer Support.  Efax offers superb customer support, and they are eager to help you in every step of the way.  In case you have problems understanding a feature or linking your email addresses, they will assist you quicker than other services. You can reach them via email, using the online chat or through the number provided on their homepage.

​eFax offers a robust set of features that can be of use to companies of all sizes.  But what’s better, these features work the way you expect them too, and they are very easy to use, even if you are not too technologically inclined. Now let’s take a look at the plans and prices.

Fax Plans & Cost

eFax currently offers one plan, called the eFax Plus.  This monthly plan costs $12.95 per month and allows you to send/receive 300 pages during the month.  There’s no need to sign a contract, so you can cancel at any time with no obligations. You also have the option of paying the plan annually, which can help you save two months worth of service.

You may have noticed that eFax’s fee is slightly above the average price of services and they give you only 300 pages per month…  Then why you choose eFax?

Well, this service provides coverage where no other fax service can, and they have years of experience with email fax technology, which means that you can safely send and receive faxes, without having to pay for expensive overage or setup fees.  At $12.95, it is still a meager price for small to medium-sized businesses, that’s the reason why many of them prefer this company.

Besides the eFax Plus account, you can create a free trial account, which comes fully featured and with your fax number.  This is the best way to test drive the power of eFax and see if it is worth the investment for your business.