why you don't need a dedicated fax line

What’s the Best Way to Get a Dedicated Fax Line?

A dedicated fax line is a must-have for any office that takes ​business seriously. If you use a single phone line for calls and faxes, you are just waiting for trouble to happen. Transmission interruptions…


Do I Fax Face Down or Face Up? What’s Correct?

When ​faxing a document using a conventional fax machine, you will be asked to enter the document in the feeder. But … how do you do it? face up or face down? The truth is that…

fax modems

What Is a Fax Modem?

Fax modems are computer accessories that allow you to connect to a physical phone line, so you can send and receive faxes without the need of a traditional fax machine. They work the same as data…

fax from google docs

How to Fax from Google Docs

​​​​Modern offices are changing. Every year a growing number of offices are deciding to use cloud storage and sharing services for teamwork projects, and Google Docs is one of the preferred ones for the job….

bitcoin fax

Bitcoin Fax

Did you know that you can use Bitcoin currency to fax online? The increased use of electronic currency has prompted the development of BitcoinFax, a service for those users who prefer using BTC and want…