6 Cool Things Your Online Fax Service Can Do

Every passing year, more offices around the World decide to stop using fax machines in favor of online fax services. These services make faxing not only faster, but also automated thanks to the advances in email to fax conversion technology. Sending a fax only takes up a minute or two arrived, and receiving faxes is just matter of checking for new incoming emails. The best of all is that you don’t even need a phone line!

But there are also additional features that you can enjoy with your service subscription, and they are not to be taken lightly.  Properly used, they can super-charge your faxing, letting you do things that you didn’t know you could do. From mobile faxing to the recent addition of cloud fax capabilities, you’ll learn more about these features in this article. So read on and prepare to be amazed!

Receive Fax on Multiple Emails

By now you should know that an Internet fax provider will let you fax to email and the other way around. Well, what you may not know is that you can also choose how many people you want faxes to be delivered to. Normally, fax services let you link a single online fax number to up to 5 different email addresses, but if you need more you could ask for a custom plan.

This feature is really helpful for businesses with multiple people in charge of communications, or when working with different work teams. Incoming faxes will arrive these addresses at the same time, there’s no need to set up anything on your email client, browser or fax service.

Schedule Your Faxes for Later

With fax scheduling you can set a time and date to send your faxes. This can be done using the web dashboard of your preferred service. Thanks to this feature we can set a fax and forget about it, even if we are away from the office. Once you set up scheduling, the service will send the fax and if there is a problem along the way it will re send it several times to ensure it comes through.

Scheduling faxes will help you increase productivity by cutting the time spent dealing with them. It’s one of the best automation tools in your arsenal.

Fax Anywhere with a Mobile Phone

These times are very different from the times that saw the rise in popularity of fax machines. Not only there’s Internet now, but we have also gone through the mobile phone revolution. With almost everyone using smartphones in businesses, it makes sense that the biggest fax services now let you take care of faxing through one.

Fax apps are nothing new, they have been around for some years, but most of them are stand-alone products where you pay per page of fax. On the other hand, apps as part of a service are free to download an use with the fax volume of your preferred plan. You can finally break free from traditional faxing and not only read fax on the go, but also send fax using your phone’s camera to take a snap of a document.

Fax from Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage services are of great help to access your documents online,without having to access your physical computer. Dropbox, Box and Google Drive are some of the most popular services, and they can be integrated with your email fax account. You can take advantage of this for team projects that need people accessing files and faxes from virtual hard drives.

Pulling documents from cloud storage services is as easy as logging into your service’s dashboard and approving integration from the page where you send faxes. It takes only some seconds to do it, and you can say goodbye to physical hard-drives.

Some services allow you to attach documents from Drive right from the Gmail composing screen, using the Drive attachment button located next to the paperclip icon.

Electronic Signing

Faxing digitally is great, but what if your document needs to validated with a signature? Not so long ago, even with digital faxing, you had to print the document, sign it and then scan it, to finally send it back. These were too many steps just to add a signature! This problem has been solved by services that let you add an electronic signature to your account.

The way you do it is very simple: you head to your settings page and add a signature using a digital pen, your mouse or a scan of your signature on paper. Once your signature has been digitized it will be stored on your account for later use. Next time you want to find a signed fax, simply compose your message on your service’s page and click on the signature button. Instead of having to sign every document, the service will grab your stored signature.

This nifty feature also works on mobile apps.

Give It a Try

Finally, you should know that most services let you create a free account for a month to test them out. This is a feature that not many people know of, yet is very useful to find a service that suits your needs. These free trials come with all the features of the full service, even a virtual fax number. Here you can learn more about our preferred Google fax services.

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