How to Fax from Yahoo! Mail

yahoo faxYahoo! Mail is definitely among the top free email fax services in the World. By creating a new email address with them, you can communicate instantly, sharing not only text but all types of files. Email technology has completely changed the way we interact with each other, but despite all the conveniences of email, it still can’t replace faxing.

If your company relies on faxing, or if you just need to fax a few documents, you’ll benefit from learning how to fax from Yahoo! Mail. By learning a few steps we present you in this tutorial, you’ll be able to throw away your fax machine (or the idea of buying one!). If you are accustomed to using your email, then you’ll find that the steps to send a fax are very similar.

Faxing online is a great way to reduce expenses in the office, because you don’t need a phone line or a fax machine. At the same time you’ll be helping the environment by drastically reducing your paper consumption.

How to Send Fax from Yahoo! Mail

Before starting out, you’ll need an account with an online fax service.  These services are what let you fax over a virtual line, letting you not only send, but also receive faxes through your email.  To follow these steps below, you won’t need a paid account though.  It’s a better idea to sign up for a free trial account and test for a full month how these services work and how well they integrate with your Yahoo! email address.

  1. Access Yahoo! Mail and create a new message by clicking on the blue Compose button. This will prompt the message composing window to appear.  Next, we need to fill out the details of your fax.compose new email in yahoo
  2. On the To field, enter the recipient’s number and then add (The exact domain used for faxing will be provided by your chosen fax service) By doing this you are sending the email to powerful fax servers that will convert your digital file into a fax format and then will send it to the number in the first part of the email address.
  3. Enter on Subject or the Body fields the text you want to appear on the cover page.  The contents will be added on a page preceding the actual fax. This page is usually used to add instructions related to the fax, to classify them, or to add notes.  Depending on the service you choose, you can download cover sheet templates to include in your emails.
  4. Click on the paperclip icon on the bottom bar of the Compose screen.  You’ll see a new window where you can select a file from your computer.  Currently, fax services are able to convert to fax a wide array of file formats including text documents, spreadsheets and digital images.  It’s a good idea to check their list of compatible file types if you are planning to use uncommon ones.
    compose yahoo fax
  5. Click Send!

After completing these 5 steps your fax will be converted and forwarded to its destination.  This process takes place externally, you just have to wait between 1-2 minutes until you receive a fax confirmation message on Yahoo! Mail.  If you want to access the faxes you have sent or received, you can do this by searching your email messages or by logging into your online fax account.

Busy lines are not a problem for fax services.  If they encounter one, they will try to re-send the fax several times until they are successful.

Is Yahoo! Mail Good for Faxing?

We’ve had the chance of trying out email faxing in different platforms including Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail, as well as using our own domain addresses.

In terms of speed of faxing all of them fare equally because the speed you have depends on the service you are using. If you are using a top rated fax service you can expect to send and receive fax in about a minute from the time the transmission begins until it ends. This includes several pages, unlike traditional faxing which transmits page by page.

In Summary

Yahoo fax is no different from sending a common email fax.  Although they don’t have a proprietary service, you can add fax functionalities with the help of a third-party online fax provider.  If you are accustomed to using Yahoo! Mail for all your communications, it makes sense to keep using it for faxing. You can count with easy ways to preview and download documents, and the best of all is that everyone can create a new email address with just some quick steps.

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