How Can I Receive a Fax to my Email?

Question: My job requires me to constantly receive faxes throughout the day, but doing it with a fax machine is taking a lot of my time, Is there a way I can receive fax on my email?

Answer: Yes! Have you ever wished you could simply replace your faxes with simple emails? What was once a distant possibility now has become a reality.

If your profession requires you to receive faxes throughout the day, now you can choose to receive them on your email inbox through an email fax service.

You see, there are different ways to send a fax online, but for receiving faxes you MUST have a virtual fax number, and those numbers are provided by an online fax service. Without it, there is simply no way to get faxes delivered on your inbox.

A fax service will give you a toll-free or local fax line when you create a new account with them. This instantly-available line uses Fax Over Internet Protocol, a technology capable of transmitting faxes over the Internet. Your email fax number will work exactly as a traditional fax number, and is reachable by both computers and fax machines. People sending you a fax won’t notice anything different about the process.

Once you have signed up for a service and gotten your number, you just link it to your preferred email address. You can use any email provider you like, but we prefer to receive fax on Gmail because it is fast, secure and pretty easy to use.

NOTE: Some services let you deliver faxes to multiple email addresses in case more than just one person is in charge of receiving faxes.

There are many professionals that continue using a fax machine on a daily basis, yet are afraid to make the jump to digital technology. But rest assured this technology is reliable and safe. If your job needs faxing sensitive documents, know that the transmission is 100% safe.

How Receiving a Fax Works

As a user, there’s not much you need to do to receive faxes besides setting up your account. Once everything is in place, you’ll start receiving faxes automatically through your digital line. Let’s take a look at how things work when someone decides to fax you a document.

  1. The sender dials your email fax number and send the fax through a fax machine.
  2. The transmission is sent to your digital line, which sends the fax contents to a fax server.
  3. On the fax server, the document is converted into a PDF file.
  4. Once the conversion is complete, the PDF is attached to an email message containing details such as the sender’s number, date and time, and number of pages in the fax.
  5. You read your email contents and the PDF fax.

That’s it. As I said before, you’ll really only see step 5. The rest takes place in the background, and takes only a few seconds to complete. In less than 10 seconds the fax will travel one place to another, provided that the senders haven’t found a problem on their end.

If you want to avoid looking at your inbox from time to time to avoid missing an important document, you can set mobile notifications via text message whenever a new fax arrives your account. Some services also offer their own apps on mobile devices that will deliver instant notifications, besides letting you do other things such as composing faxes with your camera and adding digital signatures.

Try It Out

Did you know that you can try right now how this works? Almost all Internet fax services allow you to create a fully-featured free trial account, which includes a virtual fax number to receive faxes.

To open your free account, they may ask you for your credit card information, but will not charge you anything unless you decide to continue faxing beyond the free trial period.

If you only want to learn how this works, you can simply fax during the month and cancel your account before the free trial period ends, this way you won’t be charged any money and you’ll be free to try another one.

Stop Wasting Your Time

A fax machine can be a pretty frustrating piece of technology. The whole process of receiving faxes is slow, and not free from other types of recurring issues such as paper jams and interrupted transmissions. You could end up wasting 10 minutes of your day just trying to receive a single page!

By faxing via email you are setting aside most of these problems and at the same time you are reducing the amount of paper that is consumed daily in the office. Paper clutter is a real problem! And it can be solved simply by switching to a digital platform.

By using digital faxing you’ll automate the fax receiving process and increase your productivity. Say good bye to frustration.

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