Bitcoin Fax – Learn All About This New Way of Faxing

bitcoin fax

Did you know that you can use Bitcoin currency to send fax over the Internet? The increased popularity of this type of currency has prompted the development of Bitcoin Fax, a service for those users who prefer using BTC and want fax in a simple and fast way.

This service was created by Australian web developer Simon Males, as an effort to “support the Bitcoin economy”, as he stated on the service’s announcement via the popular website Reddit.

What’s different about this service is its clean design. To send a fax you don’t need to sign up to anything, and there’s only one field to fill out: the recipient’s fax number.

This is how Bitcoin Fax works:

  • Add the number you want to fax to.
  • Upload a PDF from your computer.
  • Press Send and pay using Bitcoins.

Besides its simple design, another thing that stands out is its ability to send faxes to any number anywhere in the World. Fees may vary from country to country, but with most of them you can send a fax by paying 0.0005 BTC or its equivalent in US Dollars. At the moment of writing this article the cost is approximately $8.

Keeping in mind that $8 is what costs you an average monthly subscription with an online fax service, it feels overpriced, but we have to keep in mind that it has been designed for people that use BTC exclusively. This is a service that as Males say, is for people who need to fax every once in a while and don’t want to end up paying for a subscription they don’t use.

Another thing that we don’t like is that you can only send PDF files. If you work with other type of files you need to save them as PDF or convert them to one before sending it as a fax. This marks a clear difference with other services that use forms to send fax like FaxZero and GotFreeFax, which allow you to also send other common formats like JPG, TXT or DOC.

Speaking of those services, despite looking similar, they are different. The services mentioned allow you to send a couple of pages for free, and from there you have to pay per fax. The catch is that these services subsist by adding advertisements as cover pages. In that respect, Bitcoin Fax is a better solution as only your fax contents will be sent.

What about receiving faxes?

Unfortunately this service doesn’t give you a way to obtain a virtual fax number, capable of receiving faxes. This also means that it can be integrated with email services such as Gmail or Outlook.

As you may know, in order to receive faxes on your computer, you must have a digital number that redirects faxes to your email. If you want to learn more I recommend you check our online fax tutorials where you will learn all about this technology.

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