5 Ways to Save Money When Faxing

If there was a type of technology which was omnipresent in offices during the 80s and part of the 90s, that was faxing. It was very uncommon to find an office that didn’t have a fax machine as part of their arsenal, and it is because it allowed us to send and receive documents with a speed never experienced before.

Despite the fact that faxing isn’t as popular as it was during those times, there are still industries that rely on this type of communication, such as law and healthcare. If it is important to send and receive documents in your business, know that it isn’t even needed to have a fax machine. These machines cost money, and we have to add to it the cost of installing a dedicated land line. The expenses can be too much for users who only want to fax occasionally.

In this article we will teach you some tips that will help you save bucks when it comes to faxing and sharing documents.

1. Switch to Online Fax

This is the best way to save money and fax, given that it combines the fast speed of email with the reliability of fax, and at the same time is compatible with other fax machines.

Online fax services, such as the ones we mention here at Faxzee.com, provide you a virtual fax number to receive faxes directly in your inbox.

Faxes are sent via email and can be received by traditional fax machines. Online fax services also offer features that you can’t find on a machine, like mobile faxing and the option to send a fax to multiple recipients at the same time.

Online fax services cost in average $10 per month, including your virtual fax number, but there are services that let you start for free and create a new account for a month.

2. Use Fax Software

Instead of buying a fax machine, you can also install a fax program on your computer. Despite the fact that the popularity of this type of software has declined since the introduction of online fax services, there are still companies that develop these applications, specially for Windows OS. And well, Windows itself has a program called Windows Fax and Scan that you can use.

Using software will only save you the cost of a fax machine though. You will still need a dedicated land line and also a fax modem, a device that can be external or internal, which connects your computer to a physical phone line.

3. Use Cloud Stored Documents

If your business relies more in document sharing than in faxing itself, nowadays you will find faster and more efficient ways to do it. The best of them is through cloud stored documents. Services such as Google Drive and Dropbox let you edit, upload and download documents stores in a virtual disk known as the “cloud” rom where you can share them with other users.

These services let you create a free account with a number of available gigabytes, but in average they are way more than enough to store simple documents.

4. Broadcast a Fax

When you use a fax machine, it is very complicated to send a fax to multiple recipients at the same time. The way to do it is extremely slow and downright frustrating when an issue appears. It consists of sending one by one the fax. If we are dealing with 5 recipients, well, maybe it is OK, but things get chaotic when you have 10 or 20 recipients!

It’s better to make use of a service or a software specialized in fax broadcasting. They are able to send a fast to multiple recipients in just a few minutes. Some online fax services also let you do that, bu they usually have a cap of 50 simultaneous recipients.

5. Use a Free Fax Website

If you think that paying for software or an online fax service is too much for your needs and you only have to send a fax once in a while, you can opt to use a website that lets you send faxes online free of cost.

Of course, being free, these sites lack many advanced features. For instance, we can’t receive faxes (for this to happen we need a virtual number), and the amount of compatible file formats is pretty limited. You are also limited in the amount of faxes you can send per day, usually 1-2 with a maximum file size. Once you send your free pages you can keep faxing by paying per page, but they charge more than a monthly service.