4 Tips for Choosing a Google Fax Service

how to pick the right fax number

There’s no doubt that email fax services have become a great help for businesses of all sizes, allowing us to send and receive faxes without having to depend on a physical fax machine.  But part of having a good experience with services is first picking one that best suits your needs or the needs of your company.

There are many fax services out there, and the reality is that not all of them are good for you. Here I want to share with you some real factors to keep in mind before start paying for a Gmail fax service plan.

1. Choose the right plan

Most Gmail fax services work with monthly plans.  You get a determined amount of faxes to send and receive each month, and once you get past your limit, you need to pay an overage fee, which is charged per page.

Maybe now you see how essential is to find a plan that better adjusts to your monthly faxing volume. Choose a small plan for high volume faxing and you could end up paying a bigger price for overage faxes. Sometimes it is better to choose a slightly larger plan, which doesn’t end up costing too much.

Also, make sure the plan you choose has no set-up fees.  Nowadays the biggest fax providers don’t have this type of charge but check this out if you are trying out a smaller company. I’ve encountered companies with set up fees as high as fifty dollars!

2. Different ways to access your faxes

One of the greatest perks of present day technology is that you can access the Internet practically anywhere, either from wi-fi hotspots or mobile connectivity.  An excellent service will keep that in mind and will give you the chance to access your faxes from a mobile device easily. You don’t have to worry about missing faxes, because you have a dedicated fax line that stays on 24/7.

There are already many online fax services developing apps compatible with smartphones and tablets that allow you to fax on the go.  If fax portability is important for you, then you should go and look for a service with a mobile app.  An excellent app that doesn’t crash in the middle of sending a fax!

3. Test them out before buying

Who says you need to pay for a plan to send your first online faxes?  It’s no secret that the majority of fax services offer a full-month free trial to visitors, so they can fully test their features and hopefully be converted into loyal customers.

Trying out a service is the best way to see if a service is good enough for you.  Just be sure to try out as many features as you need and contact their support department to see if they respond in time.  You don’t know when an emergency could arrive and you need a quick response from the support staff!

In our service reviews, we include a link to the free account signup (if available). Service reviews are a great tool to check real service ratings, but there’s no better way to evaluate a service than tring it out yourself.

4. Extra features

Online faxing offers much more than traditional technology.  In addition to mobile faxing you can schedule faxes, receive SMS fax notifications, fax documents from the cloud, sign documents electronically, broadcast faxes and much more! But… It depends on the service and is pretty much what differentiates one from the other.

It takes a little time to do a little research and the service pages and look at the extra features they offer. Reading at review online will also help you assess how good these features work!

Now What?

Now comes the part where you will need to assess how good the service works for you! Remember that if you want to learn more about this incredible technology, you can check out the and find lots of useful guides.