The 5 Best iPhone Fax Apps of 2022

best fax apps for iphone

​Is it possible to send a fax from an iPhone? Yes! Thanks to ​the best iPhone fax apps we can fax ​pretty much anywhere in just a few taps. But choosing the right app is essential to be able to fax on the go without running into issues and delays.

​There are basically two ways you can fax from mobile phone: using a monthly plan, or paying per fax.

​In general, if you fax a lot during the month, it is better to use an Internet fax service. For a flat fee you can send and receive hundreds of pages during a month. If, on the other hand, you are just looking to fax a couple of documents here and there, an online fax service may be more than you need. In that case, choosing a pay-per-fax app might be a better idea.

​Top 5 Apps to Fax from iPhone

1. ​eFax Mobile

efax for iphone

eFax ​is currently the biggest online fax service in the World, with presence in ​dozens of countries. ​eFax has never shied away from integrating innovating features. Their iPhone app was one of the first ones in the App Store, and since then, they have continued supporting it with regular updates.

Downloading eFax's app is free, but you'll need an account with them to access the faxing features.  Luckily, they let you create a free 14 -day account, which you can use​ to gain access to the app. During these days you'll get a free number to receive fax, you can then keep it if you want by continuing with a plan.

Faxing through this app is pretty simple. To send a fax with the app, just tap on “Send a Fax” and fill out all the needed details. You can upload a document to be converted to fax, but you can also scan and fax any document with your phone’s camera. After about a minute the fax will finish the transmission and you’ll get a confirmation email. You can also send ​Google fax to email ​ using Gmail as your ​email address to fax.

Receiving faxes is also pretty straightforward: when you get your online fax number, it will automatically forward faxes to the app, so you can read them on your phone wherever you are.

Additional features include electronic signing, fax scheduling and integration with cloud storage services. ​

Download eFax for iOS

2. MyFax for iOS

myfax for iphone

MyFax has recently released a much need update their app, and it seems to have gotten better. This is a service that offers the highest file compatibility on the market (including BMP, JPG, XLS, DOC, TXT, and PDF to fax) and like other alternatives provide virtual fax numbers in multiple countries around the World, as well as monthly plans based on fax volume.

Using this app is very easy. Although it doesn’t have advanced options, it handles basic ones like sending and receiving faxes very well. There are simple menus to send fax, check incoming faxes and review your fax inbox. You’ll receive faxes in your email as well.

If you are looking for basic faxing capabilities and international coverage, MyFax’s app is for you. ​

3. iFax


iFax is an app that has been slowly gaining loyal followers. It’s another online fax service, but this one focuses on mobile compatibility. Besides letting you send fax, they provide you local or toll-free numbers to receive fax as well. It provides coverage in Canada and the US, as well as a limited number of other countries, more specifically: Italy, Israel, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Australia.

You can send faxes to dozens of countries though. Prices per 5 pages go from $0.99 to $2.99, it all depends in which “group” the fax’s destination is located. Group 1 is the cheapest one and it includes countries such as USA, Canada and the UK among many others.

You can send faxes with your iPhone’s camera and also by taking a screenshot of your iPhone. Recently, they have added support for Dropbox and Box.

4. PC-Fax Freefax

pc fax for iphone

This app stands out because it lets you send one page of fax per day. From there if you want to continue faxing you’ll have to pay for a plan. These plans go from 50 pages (€12) to 250 (€31), not a very competitive price if we take into account that we can find other services for half the fee. But if you just want to send an occasional free page this app is more than enough. You can send the fax to up to 50 different countries.

PC-Fax, also offers the option to receive an unlimited number of faxes with a virtual fax number that costs €5. There’s no need to register, it recognizes you phone’s UuID.

5. FaxBurner

faxburner iphone

This app works with an interesting concept: it let you send 5 pages of fax totally free per month, but it also let you receive faxes for free. They do this by giving you a temporary fax number that you can use to receive faxes on your app and forwarded to your email. This number only stays active for 24 hours. After it expires you’ll get another. As you can see, the downside is that your number will not be permanent, unless you start paying for a plan.

The free package will let you send 5 pages and receive 25 pages per month with the temporary fax number method. Keep in mind that these faxes will come with ads, so if you are using it for serious business it may not be the best option to use it free. Permanent number packages start at $10 per month.

The app is simple to use and lets you do cool stuff like signing faxes electronically, adding cover pages and keep a log of sent and received faxes.

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