About Us

Hello! My name is Paolo Basauri, and I want to welcome you to Faxzee.com.

Faxzee is a website with tutorials on how to fax online. We teach you how to fax from the modern age – from your phone, tablet or desktop computer. Faxing is still an important part of business communication and we make it easy for anyone to learn about this analog technique in a digital world.

Over my years working in an office, I was frustrated by fax machines, which were not always reliable (and sometimes even usable at all!).  Email was an option, but it was not secure enough, and some companies demanded to use fax only for communications.  That changed when we implemented email to fax, a technology that combined the ease of use of email with the guarantee of faxed documents. Since then I have always recommended making the jump to email fax, but people not always understood how to do it.

I decided to gather a team and make this website to help everyone that feels intimidated by this new technology.  We’ve made sure to include all the necessary tutorials to start faxing from email along with information on the different programs and services that allow you to fax from your computer.  It is our hope that you find all the information you need to enter the digital age of faxing and finally, get rid of that old fax machine in the corner.

Stay in touch with us through our social accounts; we love hearing from you!

Happy faxing!