5 Tips to Take Gmail to the Next Level

gmail tips

Almost everyone these days have a Gmail address. Throughout the years, this free email service has gained massive popularity, surpassing even Hotmail and Yahoo, a service that reigned in the world of free emails for a very long time. And its not just popular among individuals; businesses have also adopted Gmail addresses because hey are fast and reliable.

But what many people don’t know, is that you can go beyond the basic email functions and make Gmail help you do other things like send faxes or send money online. In this article you will learn how to do it!

1. Use it for Faxing

Given the fact that you are on Faxzee.com this may seem obvious, but many people don’t know you can actually send a fax directly from Gmail! That’s right, with the help of online fax services you can pretty much turn your computer into a virtual fax machine, without the need of complicated set ups. You send a document directly from your computer, and then it is converted into a fax machine compatible format.

Faxes are sent in a similar way you send emails. In our Gmail-to-fax guide, we detail the step-by-step process you need to follow to send your first fax online.

On the other hand, faxes are received automatically in your inbox thanks to an online fax number (a fancy way to mention a digital fax number linked to Gmail). The faxes are converted into PDF files, so you can read them on any device.

2. Use Boomerang to Schedule Faxes

Having the power of email technology at your fingertips is amazing, but these types of messages can become overwhelming when you have too much emails in your inbox, specially non-important stuff. Boomerang helps you with this, adding options that let you improve your Gmail account management. So for instance, if you are working on something important, you can snooze less important emails for later reading.

Boomerang also lets you schedule faxes for later, you should give it a try!

3. Send Money

Few people know that besides sending messages, you can send money directly from your Gmail account. If you reside on the USA or UK, you can easily link your Gmail address to Paypal. Then, next time you wish to send money online, you just click on COMPOSE and then on the money icon. This is a fast way to send money to providers that communicate via email.

4. So You Use Trello? Try Sortd!

If you are used to using Trello to make lists and keep your things organized, now you can add the same functions in email with Sortd. This is a tool that allows you to manage your messages and sales without leaving your Gmail account. It also lets you categorize your emails using the drag and drop method.

5. Manage Multiple Inboxes

It’s probable that you have more than one Gmail account. Heck, I have near 10 of them for different purposes! Not long ago the only way to check multiple emails was by going through the slow process of logging out, then logging in, then.. well you get what I mean. Luckily, developers at Google took note of the existence of users such as me and have recently added a new function in their service called Multiple Inboxes.

This new function links all your Gmail accounts, so next time you can quickly switch between them without having to log in and out. To access this function you need to click on your profile’s photo on the upper-corner of the Gmail screen and then click on Add Account to begin the process.

As you can see, Gmail has much more to offer than basic email features. I hope these tips help you reduce the time you spend on some tasks, so you can better concentrate on what’s important.