How To Send Gmail Fax in 5 Easy Steps

how to send fax from gmail

If you have been wondering how you can send Gmail fax, you came to the right place. Gmail is the most popularly used email service, not just for personal use but business as well. What many people don’t know about Gmail is you can send and receive faxes through your Gmail account! However, it is very rare to find resources online that actually know this exists or know how to do it.

In this article, you will learn how to successfully fax from your Gmail account in a few simple steps, turning your smart phone or laptop into a digital fax machine. Here is how you get started with Gmail fax:

Sending Fax from Gmail in 5 Easy Steps

Through these five simple steps, you will be able to use fax from email through a fax service effortlessly. Think of the process the way traditional emailing works but with just minor differences: ”.

Instead of applying your recipient’s email in the field titled “TO,” their fax number will be entered by “email form.” I promise it’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

The fax document must be in a digital format such as a PDF, DOC, XLS or other media format. The digital file is then attached to your email.

The only thing you need to include in the blank “message” part of the email is the cover page, only if you want to add one.

Before we move on, you need to ensure you have an active account with a Gmail fax service.

We do recommend starting off with a free trial account to see how you like that particular service first, and or take advantage of the free 30 days’ worth of faxing. Now, once you have your account, follow these five easy steps provided for you below:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account. Once you are signed in, click the compose button (on the upper left-hand side of your screen) to “create” a new email.
  2. Enter your recipients’ fax number in the TO field. Make sure this number is followed by your fax providers domain, which would like this: “”. For example, you want to send a fax to the number 333-333-333 and your fax provider is Efax. The address you include in the TO field should look like this: (which is their domain on their help page or welcome email).
  3. Time to enter a message on the cover sheet. You don’t have to have to include a message; however, you can add a message in the subject or message field of the email if you please.
  4. Attach your document(s). Remember, you can only fax documents titled DOC, JPG, TIFF, BMP, XLS, or TXT, although some services may allow more file compatibility. The easiest way to upload these documents is from Google Drive which is very easy to access through Gmail. However, you can upload documents from Dropbox, iCloud, or your computer files. Click the drive icon located beside the paper clip icon.
  5. Your fax is ready to go. You’re almost done, all you have to do is click the send button and zip- it’s off to its desired location!

The beauty of a fax from email is the process is fairly quick. It usually doesn’t take much longer than 60 seconds to deliver a fax. In fact, you will receive either a confirmation or error message within that minute to confirm the process of your fax.

You won’t have to worry about dealing with any fax errors, Gmail faxing usually re-sends up to three times before reporting to you on an issue.

Start Off By Using a Free Trial

We want to help you the best way we can. So, to make this process much easier and stress-free for you, we highly recommend using Gmail fax for free. Most faxing services offer a one-month free trial; you need to take advantage of it!

Google fax services like RingCentral and eFax, let first-time users fax anything for a month completely free.

Once you are out of your free-trial stage, your card will be charged the usual fee per month for their service. However, if you are dissatisfied with them, you can cancel your account before your 30-day mark to avoid being charged on your credit card.

How to Receive Fax Using Gmail

If you have had a Gmail account for years and you never knew you could receive a fax, be prepared to be enlightened. In fact, once you sign up for a fax service it is already automatically activated for you to receive faxes.

You will get a free fax number once you sign up with your desired fax service provider. This number allows others to send you faxes straight to your Gmail account.

The process of receiving faxes is incredibly simple.

First, you have to provide your Google fax number to the person who needs to fax you.

Next, once they send the fax to your number, the fax will automatically pop up in both your fax service’s server and your Gmail inbox. You don’t have to do anything besides making sure you are sending your correct online fax number to the individuals who need to fax you a document.

Gmail Fax Features

Many people who use Gmail faxing doesn’t know the added features that come with it:

  • Fax scheduling. No more waiting around your desk to send a fax at the right time! The Gmail fax service allows you to set a time and date of when you need to deliver yor fax. To ensure it sent at the correct time you will get a confirmation email.
  • Faxing from your smart phone. You can even fax from your cell phone! This is incredibly convenient if you need to step away from the computer or you can’t get to one. You can find “Fax Apps” to download that will integrate with your current online faxing account and Gmail address. So not only can you fax from email, but from your cell phone.

As you can see, sending an email fax is fairly easy and convenient. You will also be happy to know it is extremely reliable, so no need to buy a bulky fax machine in your office. Happy faxing!